VP of Engineering - top tier fintech blockchain startup

Company: Skyrocket Ventures
Location: Atherton , California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 11.JUN.2019


Skyrocket Ventures is a recruiting firm for hundreds of high growth technology companies that range from industry leaders to top-tier startu...


Skyrocket Ventures is a recruiting firm for hundreds of high growth technology companies that range from industry leaders to top-tier startups. This opportunity is with one of our client companies for a full-time permanent hire. Please only apply if you are authorized to work in the U.S. Please note that even if this job is not a perfect match, we encourage you to apply as long as it is in the ballpark. Companies are often flexible in hiring candidates who do not perfectly fit their written job description, as long as the most important qualifications are there and the candidate is good in general. Most of the jobs we are recruiting for are not posted online, so if you would like to know of all the opportunities we have that match your interests and qualifications, then please get in touch with us. Thank you! Matthew Strassberg Recruiting Director Skyrocket Ventures Feel free to check out testimonials from some of our many candidatesclients here http http VP of Engineering Menlo Park, CA The company's product is in the realms of blockchain, cryptography, fintech, and open source. It is not a cryptocurrency company. The leadership team includes a mix of world class experts in the fields of finance, investment, cryptography and blockchain. For example, one of their cofounders has served on the Investment Advisory Board of Google, and one of their cofounders is an industry recognized pioneer in blockchain and cryptography technology. The company has 5 engineers now and would like to hire 20-30 more in the next 12 months. In this position, you would spend about - 30 of your time on architecture and research, incorporating the latest breakthroughs in academic research into products. You don't have to be an architect that defines the architecture but have to understand it and collaborate with others who are working on it. - 50 of your time on people management including recruiting and leading the engineering team as well as prioritizing and delegating tasks based on input from your colleagues in product and business and research. - 20 on code reviews. You may not need to code at all, although it's preferable that you can do so if needed. The company will pay a salary of around 200k plus equity which could be highly lucrative. The vast majority of the financial upside would hopefully be from the equity. Candidates who fit this jobcompany will likely be able to get much more than 200k per year in cash from large companies, but value the potential reward of equity much more than the guaranteed cash they'd be giving up to join a startup such as this. Did you like this job or want to see more? All of our online job postings can be found on these sites https https https https https https Follow us on Instagram here https https Follow us on LinkedIn here https https

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