UX Designer

Company: Rivetz
Location: Santa Cruz , California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 10.JUN.2018


Job Description UX Designer Tired of working endless hours on uninspiring product? Come work with Rivetz - an inclusive, productive team t...


Job Description

UX Designer

Tired of working endless hours on uninspiring product? Come work with Rivetz - an inclusive, productive team that is changing the way that every customer connects to the Rivetz network! You will be joining the team responsible for building and enhancing our secure communication & collaboration tools & apps. You will be designing experiences involving unique, cutting-edge features (and challenges), as well as helping us modernize UX in our existing platforms and services.

Show us your killer portfolio! Ideally, have some work currently used in the wild and be able to talk with us about your process, challenges, and what you've learned from it all. Know more than us about your craft and be able to use data to support your design decisions. If you aren't the best at what you do, know why and have a plan to become the best.


  • Technical Skills: Sketch, AdobeXD (or similar), Illustrator,
  • Technical Skills: Jira, Zenhub,
  • Critical Skills: Experienced at creating original illustrations for marketing and use within applications,
  • Critical Skills: Be able to apply latest trends and best practices to any project, and have a deep understanding of the underlying principles and psychology behind UI/X,
  • Strong collaborative skills,
  • Challenges should turn you on and motivate you, not demoralize you,
  • Be able to meet or exceed deadlines we set collaboratively,
  • Are you a little nerdy? Awesome, share your passions with us!
  • When needed, you shouldn't shy away from late nights or tight deadlines with the rest of the team.
  • Nice to Have: Basic knowledge of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, etc,
  • Nice to Have: Basic knowledge of general security principles,
Company Description
About Rivetz
Rivetz brings trust to device endpoints in blockchain transactions. Rivetz solves some of the most challenging problems associated with consumer and machine-to-machine digital transactions, using advanced hardware assisted device security technologies and services to provide a safer and easier-to-use model for the protection of a user's digital assets. The device plays a vital role in hosting these assets, and Rivetz enables the controls that users need to benefit from services. Rivetz uses state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools to ensure full trustworthy lifecycle management of hardened digital assets held on devices, ensuring a reliable interaction with services on the Internet.

Equal Employment Opportunity
Our corporation is committed to equal employment opportunity. We will not discriminate against employees or applicants for employment on any legally recognized basis ["protected class"] including, but not limited to: race; color; religion; genetic information; national origin; sex; gender; pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions; age; disability; citizenship status; uniform service member status; or any other protected class under federal, state, or local law.

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