Sr. Node.js Developer - 100% Remote / FT / Crypto

Company: NPAworldwide Recruitment Network
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 09.OCT.2019


Why a Great Opportunity Do you want to work WHEN & WHERE you want - like for real - anywhere around the world? Do you want to be rewarded ...


Why a Great Opportunity

Do you want to work WHEN & WHERE you want - like for real - anywhere around the world?

Do you want to be rewarded for VALUE added - not by years of service?

If you are a node.js GURU then we have a company who will value you for what you bring to the table. There are no prerequisite years of experience. One of the TOP developers - learned code in 2 MONTHS! Not to say you can be a 25+ veteran and be a Rockstar - it's just that everyone has the opportunity to make an impact quickly.

Our client is one of the most progressive companies in cryptocurrency and blockchain. When we tell candidates about the client - they say - "this is the top company in the industry" - ONLY the BEST work here.


This ROLE and COMPANY will take you PLACES if you want to be on the cutting edge IN your CAREER, IN the WORLD IN making HISTORY.


  • One of the fastest-growing companies in the world in the cryptocurrency.

  • 100% virtual - every single employee is virtual!!! Virtual so the company can recruit the best talent in the World! You'll be surrounded by A Players. Getting ready to SOAR.

  • This company is about Results & Value - NOT about YEARS of Experience. If you can show that you learned code in 2 months and run circles around someone with 20 - BRING it ON! They will reward YOU!

The DNA of the Company -

  • Transparent & Humble

  • Growth-oriented - People are growing and drive their own growth

  • Empowered - 100% Virtual - People at all levels are decision-makers.

  • No EGO - You are willing to get IN and DO work if need be.

  • Respect & Expect Mistakes - Just make sure you Learn

  • Company Rewards Value Driven by Employees - Promotions & Pay Increases - No Waiting for a specific date.

  • Strong Initiative - Git IT DONE personality

Culture of Growth & Rewarded for Performance:

Unlimited - The company is set for growth - a couple of examples:

  • The COO started 18 months ago as a Customer Engineer and is now Chief Operating Officer - This company is about RESULTS and VALUE ADD - Not by the roles, steps and years that you had in titles.

  • Two Customer Support Members started as Customer Engineers and are now Developers. Many other CSE's are being developed and ready for promotions.

  • One team member just received a double bonus for doing freakin AWESOME work

  • A Developer- ON the SPOT $15,000 bonus for delivering results! Not a gift card to Amazon! Yes..we all like those too but who doesn't want a BIG bonus instead?

    Job Description
    • Ensure code quality - Write a LOT of Test code and have a strong belief in the value
    • Hands-on coding
    • Get to work on projects that are changing the future - this isn't block and tackling work that you can do in your sleep.
    • Build applications to support the next generation of cryptocurrency

    • RAW coding ability- Do you have experience in Node.js that shows you know it inside and out?
    • Opensource contributions - Can you how that you have show visible code, prove the work you've done, and
    • Experience building Node.js APIs
    • History of working independently - self driven - problem solver
    • Passion for what cryptocurrency & blockchain can do for the world and YOU want to be part of building the FUTURE

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