Sr.Blockchain Developer

Company: Paramount Software Solutions, Inc
Location: New York , New York, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 08.MAR.2019


Our client in NYC,NY is looking for a Sr.Blockchain Developer with 10-15 years of experience for a full time permanent position. Role The cl...


Our client in NYC,NY is looking for a Sr.Blockchain Developer with 10-15 years of experience for a full time permanent position. Role The client is seeking to hire a Principal Blockchain Developer (PBCD) capable of designing, architecting and developing world-class code riding, primarily, on Hyperledger with supporting instances on R3 Corda and Quorum. The successful candidate will be able to work in various cloud environments with our primary, AWS, and supporting clouds of IBM and Azure. The ideal candidate would have been involved in architecting, developing and performancescale tuning a Hyperledger ecosystem with a variety of nodes (ideally the larger the better), with appropriately designed channels to facilitate transactioninformation flow between private parties in a B2B model. Architecture The PBCD will have run the gamut of roles in the development lifecycle for our blockchain development activities and has evolved from developer to technical architect and now operates as both architect and developer. Development The lsquoDeveloperrsquo aspect of the role will cover roughly 70 of a typical work cycle with variability by project which may drop hands-on code to the 40-50 point however that would not be the norm. Execution The PBCD will have decision making authority on the blockchain design of his own code and architecture working with the other blockchain technical team as well as the core dev team. Process The PBCD will be seasoned in agile development and lsquoliving the dreamrsquo of classic and complete SCRUM. We are in the process of releasing a SCRUM framework and evolving the team operations and structure to break out into 2-3 teams. Technology Inventory The appropriately seasoned PBCD will look at this list and the rest of this JD and say lsquoYes, my ideal next missionhelliprsquo Blockchain The PBCD will have worked with one (or various) blockchain technologies over the last 1-3 years. Hyperledger is a requirement. Other blockchain technologies such as R3 Corda, Quorum, and Ethereum are all bonus technical skills. The PBCD would have been involved in the spectrum of blockchain design activities ranging from overall architecture of a mullti-node, multi-tenant, multi-cloud environment to the development and design of smart contracts and applications around the DLT. The PBCD would have experience in focusing on the scale and performance of the DLT design including sophisticated node models where each node (or cluster of nodes), represents a different legal entity. Given the youth of blockchain, the PBCD, of course, is seasoned in the 10+ year experience level and hence has a variety of other technical skills that have been developed over the years of hisher career. Some of those technical experiences may include a range of the following Front-endWeb Angular 6 (3+ years), Typescript (2+ years), Sencha JS, React, JQuery, other JS frames but Angular is essential and deepest (ideally with React as a fast-follow). Mid-TierApp Java (5-7 years with Spring, JPAHibernate, CXFJAX-RS, JAX-WS, JMS, JUnit, Mockito and various other java kit) C (3-4 years), bonus to have C++ and ANSI-C. Other services such as middle tier HAProxy, SSL proxying or AWS ELB, Varnish, EHCache, Nginx or Apache, etchellip Mid-tier serviceshelpermanagement apps Camel, Informatica, Dapper, Entity Frame, etc.. Data Tier Postgres (3+ years) Oracle SQL Server Deep relational skills and also No SQLDoc Database and a bonus with Graph DB (Neo4J, etc.). Other high performance data solutions such as Memcache, Reddis, etchellip Cloud Services AWS Lambda, Azure Fabric, various IaaSPaaSSaas (cloud messaging, claims-based authentication services, data cloud PaaS such as Aurora, S3, SQL Azure, etc.). Dev Tools Devops Create intelligent and adaptable release scripts and configurations for use everywhere from local development through devqa CI and into production using any combination of Chef, Maven, Munin, Ant, Fabric or shell scripts driven by Jenkins. Others such as Git, Ops Genie, Jetbrains, BashShell scripts, PHP, Python, Visual Studio, TeamCity, Octo Deploy, Sonarqube, etchellip

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