Software Engineer - Blockchain Arbitrage Firm

Company: Skyrocket Ventures
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 27.AUG.2021
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Skyrocket Ventures is a recruiting firm for hundreds of high growth technology companies that range from industry leaders to top-tier startu...


Skyrocket Ventures is a recruiting firm for hundreds of high growth technology companies that range from industry leaders to top-tier startups. This opportunity is with one of our client companies for a full-time permanent hire. Please only apply if you are authorized to work in the U.S.

Please note that even if this job is not a perfect match, we encourage you to apply as long as it is in the ballpark. Companies are often flexible in hiring candidates who do not perfectly fit their written job description, as long as the most important qualifications are there and the candidate is good in general.

Most of the jobs we are recruiting for are not posted online, so if you would like to know of all the opportunities we have that match your interests and qualifications, then please get in touch with us.

After you apply to this job posting, we'll consider you for this job as well as any other potential matches with our client companies. If we have any potential matches, we'll share your resume with those companies and contact you about any interview opportunities we can get you.

Thank you!

Matthew Strassberg
Recruiting Director
Skyrocket Ventures
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Software Engineer - Blockchain Arbitrage Firm Location: Remote

The company is seeking to hire several engineers in the next few months. The company is remote/distributed and you would be working 100% remotely.

The company is led by industry veterans in the blockchain and cryptocurrency trading space. The company is a leader in the cryptocurrency arbitrage market, and has multiplied the value of its holdings by 12x in 6 months.

The company is seeking engineers who will research and implement new arbitrage strategies that will become renewable income streams. The codebase is mostly in Python and Go, and you would be programming in either one of those (whatever you prefer). They don't require experience with any particular programming language or technology as long as you are willing to learn whatever is needed, have solid knowledge of CS fundamentals, and a passion for blockchain and/or trading.

The company will pay very competitive salary (up to $250k), plus very significant equity (anywhere from 1-10% depending on how much salary you prefer) which could be very lucrative.

The company also has great work life balance. Their technology enables them to literally make money while they sleep, and they work about 35 hours/week.

Job Responsibilities:

- Working on the Ethereum virtual machine.

- 10% spent on researching new protocols on Ethereum.

- 80% spent implementing arbitrage for those protocols against existing protocols they support.

- 10% writing tests. Also possibly accounting for money they make. For example, they had to write an accounting program to comply with applicable laws.

- The codebase is mostly Python, some Go. they may do more Go work in the future.


- Passion for trading and/or blockchain and/or cryptocurrency.

- Willing to learn/use Python and/or Go. Experience with any language, no preference.

- Solid CS fundamentals.

Nice to have:

- Experience with trading.

- Experience with blockchain.

- Skill in math including calculus.

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