Senior Software Engineer (Blockchain)

Company: CertiK
Location: New York, New York, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 13.FEB.2021
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About You:You're a self-starter. You believe in tackling the most important problems, even if they are the most difficult problems. You're c...


About You:You're a self-starter. You believe in tackling the most important problems, even if they are the most difficult problems. You're comfortable with the unknown and understand that #startuplife means that you're going to be wearing multiple hats. And that's what motivates you. You're accountable and obsessed with improvement, both in yourself and in others. You're up to the challenge of building a world-class company that aims to be the infrastructure for more secure software for all.About the Company:CertiK leads blockchain security by securing smart contracts and blockchains with cutting-edge Formal Verification technology. Founded by Computer Science professors of Yale University and Columbia University, CertiK has audited and secured over $5B in assets, including many of the world's top blockchain projects.The research efforts of CertiK have received grants from IBM and the Ethereum Foundation, and notable blockchain investors include Binance Labs, Bitmain, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Matrix Partners, and NEO Global Capital, among others.About the Role:The primary responsibility of this role is for CertiK's security-focused blockchain software development and production. CertiK aims to build end-to-end blockchain security ecosystems, where security and correctness are ensured at each layer of the chain infrastructure. This includes off-chain and cross-chain protocol, smart contract, programming language and compiler, virtual machines, consensus, and OS & storage systems.As a passionate, mission aligned engineer to work on CertiK-Chain, a security focus blockchain ecosystem. This mean you will experience in the area such as blockchain, distributed system, compiler, and security eye in Protocol design. You Will:• Contribute to the design, development, testing, and production of CertiK's blockchain software. • As the CertiK-blockchain software is under active development, you will be tasked with designing new features, improving the performance and reliability of blockchain.• You will ensure that the CertiK's blockchain software can serve as a reliable, secure, and performant foundation for the ecosystem.• Implement rigorous and thorough monitoring and testing practices to meet the security and performance requirements of the blockchain.• You will work closely with our Security Engineering team to make the CertiK blockchain software to meet the security and performance requirements.• You will design and implement blockchain supporting tools and utilities(i.e. CLI client, tools for exploring the blockchain, monitoring, benchmarking, and debugging tools)• Collaborate with other teams on new product features that have a dependency on the blockchain (e.g. developer tooling, UX for transaction signing, 3rd party integrations, and support partnership etc)• You will diagnose and resolve system issues in production and external customer facing environments.You Have:• 3+ years of hands on experience in a production environment, with experience on one or more of:• permissioned or permissionless blockchains• consensus protocols• large-scale distributed systems• compilers and run-times• other equivalent / adjacent technology• Experience testing distributed systems for behaviors in the presence of faults, network partitions, and network delays• Excellent Golang expertise.• (Preferred) Hands on Cosmos SDK knowledge• (Preferred) Hands on Ethereum and EVM knowledge• Excellent communication and collaboration skills• Working knowledge of the limitations and complexities involved in peer-to-peer systems• Experience working on open-source projects• Familiar with AWS cloud technologies (e.g. S3, EC2, Lambda etc)• Fast-paced programming mentality with ability to turn things around quickly• (Preferred) Prior experience in a fast-paced, growing start-up environment.

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