Senior Software Engineer - Blockchain

Company: Akamai
Location: Cambridge , Massachusetts, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 11.OCT.2018


Overview As a Senior Software Engineer you will be an integral part of a team working to strategically apply blockchain technologies to new...



As a Senior Software Engineer you will be an integral part of a team working to strategically apply blockchain technologies to new and innovative business areas, resulting in high-throughput transaction systems at global scale. If you want to work on extremely challenging technology problems of global scale, then this is the role for you.

As a Software Engineer you will be responsible for:

* Software component implementation supporting the deployment of a global blockchain system supporting a high volume of transactions.

* Prototyping and proof-of-concept experiments to prove out design decisions.

* Software testing at all levels (unit, module, component, system).

* Data analysis and visualization to test hypotheses related to system behavior.

* Working collaboratively with a cross-discipline team in a fast-paced, agile environment.

About the Team

Akamai Labs is expanding its team with a mission to strategically apply blockchain technology to business requirements for a highly available, high throughput, highly secure transaction system.

Required Education and Experience

Applicants must meet one of the following education and experience requirements:

* 5 years of relevant experience and a Bachelor's degree or

* 3 year of relevant experience and a Master's degree or

* PhD in related field

Required Skills

* 3+ years experience with 1 or more of the following languages-C/C++, Java, Python.

* 3+ years experience with relational and/or NoSQL databases.

* 3+ years experience working on Linux/Unix platforms.

* 1+ years experience designing, implementing and deploying a blockchain, cryptocurrency or something similar.

Desired Skills

* Experience modifying and extending the Bitcoin core or related codebase.

* Contribution to open source cryptocurrency projects.

* C/C++ experience.

* Expertise in cryptography, especially the mathematics behind cryptocurrency.

* Experience in banking and financial transactions.

* Site reliability engineering and/or related work including service performance.

* Experience building scalable servers or distributed systems.

* Proven track record of delivering large amounts of high quality, complex code.

* Highly responsible, self-disciplined, self-managed, self-motivated, able to work with little or no supervision.

* Extensive experience working on multiple projects at a time in a fast paced, results oriented environment.

* Excellent written and verbal communications skills.

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