Senior Software Engineer

Company: Non-fungible Technologies
Location: Palo Alto, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 12.AUG.2021
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Non-fungible Technologies, Inc. completed our seed round of fundraising raising over $2.7M from notable investors such as Lemniscap, Arringt...


Non-fungible Technologies, Inc. completed our seed round of fundraising raising over $2.7M from notable investors such as Lemniscap, Arrington XRP Capital, Taureon Capital, founding members of Race Capital, founders behind Recur, and other notable blockchain investors. The team today has experience from BitGo, BlockFi, BitMEX, Curv (acquired by PayPal), and Booz Allen Hamilton, and the founding team has had successful exits from previously founded companies.

We are leading the charge in the development of decentralized financial services (DeFi) and technologies catering to the many permutations of the emerging 'non-fungible' asset class. Our mission is to enable the financialization of non-fungible assets, commonly referred to as non-functional tokens, or 'NFTs'.

We have a strong culture of continuous learning, tenacity, and authenticity. Additionally, the team and our investors deeply care about what we are building and possess a strong

conviction in our thesis that the financialization of NFT's will enable myriad new opportunities for creators and market participants.

We are building a decentralized, peer-to-peer lending platform built atop the Ethereum blockchain network. Our platform allows anyone to create trustless collateralized loans with individual or bundled non-fungible tokens and/or crypto-assets (ERC20, ERC721/NFTs, & ERC1155). As such, acts as a decentralized escrow service enabling secondary liquidity and price discovery for NFTs.

Role: Technical Lead : Protocol Engineering


- Drive high-level decisions for protocol architecture, tokenomics, and implementation while maintaining your hands-on chops as a Lead Engineer

- Lead the maintenance of our core contracts and instill software best practices for achieving


- Design, implement, test, and audit protocol upgrades

- Work with our product team to design new platforms and bring them to life

- Understand core business objectives and be able to translate them into new technical

components and drive the software development life cycle from ideation to delivery

- Mentor team members, lead by example, and support recruiting across the blockchain

engineering organization.


- Deep understanding of distributed systems, designing, and developing large scale, high

availability software

- Experience designing algorithmic solutions to software problems and reasoning about issues

related to scale, security, and availability

- Experience leading increasingly complex software projects from inception through delivery

- Ability to drive end-to-end features and lead projects independently

- Experience in building systems for fintech or crypto markets using Javascript amongst other technologies

- Experience operating and thriving in an Agile, remote-first environment

- Collaborative with a bias for action and excellent communications skills both written and verbal

- Curiosity and interest or experience in blockchain technology

- Comfortable working in a highly dynamic space with an affinity for handling uncertainty


- Demonstrable experience working with the EVM and writing high-quality, well-tested, idiomatic

Solidity (or highly efficient Javascript)

- Knowledge of, or passion for learning the tooling used in developing Solidity applications, such as Truffle, Hardhat, Ethers.js, Typechain.

- Senior experience shipping web applications written in Javascript/Typescript at scale

- Security engineering mindset and an understanding of best practices and common threat vectors when writing and deploying code

- Experience working with GraphQL

- Strong interest in the emerging NFT ecosystem and instigating disruptive technology in lending, stablecoins, and related Defi use cases.

- Experience with collateralized lending approaches

- Familiarity with high level crypto-economic protocol design, governance, incentive structures and DAO's

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