Senior Software Developer

Company: Coin Lion, LLC
Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 07.MAY.2018


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Job Description
Determine and identify high-level functional and technical requirements on the basis of interactions with the user community and knowledge of enterprise architecture. Design architectures, including the software, hardware and communications, to support the total requirements, as well as to provide for present and future cross-functional requirements and interfaces. Salary is commensurate with experience. Benefits available.
About CoinLion
CoinLion is a cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management platform that rewards users for sharing information related to the management of digital assets. CoinLion is headquartered in Sioux Falls and is looking to expand its team. Please apply at .
Duties and Responsibilities
Interact with project management to plan project schedules and technical direction. Provide quality assurance review and the evaluation of existing and new software products. Develop high-level system design diagrams for program design, coding, testing, debugging and documentation. Develop and implement moderate to complex web applications on one or more platforms.
Skills & Experience
College or University degree in Computer Science or a related discipline Solid understanding of object oriented programming concepts Solid understanding of relational database design and querying concepts Familiarity with version control software such as GIT and SVN Strong desire to learn
Core Competency
Solid understanding of Web Services protocols such as REST, SOAP, and API design for extensibility and portability Successful track record of developing quality software products and shipping production ready software
Extensive knowledge of C# and the .NET Framework Has mentored junior software developers on design patterns, development best practices and DevOps trade-offs Category: Technology , Keywords: Senior Programmer

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