Senior Software Developer

Company: Cardstack
Location: Not Specified, Pennsylvania, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 04.MAY.2021


We are looking for a full-time software developer to join the core engineering team of the Cardstack Project. As a senior developer for the ...


We are looking for a full-time software developer to join the core engineering team of the Cardstack Project. As a senior developer for the Cardstack Project, you will work on the team that is developing our flagship product: an open-source framework written in JavaScript, which is meant to change the way the world shares data and creates Web apps. The Cardstack environment already enables beautiful UI experiences, showcases the power of the Web, and supports the use of both traditional (cloud) and decentralized (blockchain) data sources. Currently, our engineering team is building the initial set of plugins to be launched, plus the ergonomic developer experience to go with them. We do pair programming, design sprints, and planning in a way that engages both our local and our remote engineers. And every day, as you're collaborating with the other engineers, designers, or our marketing team, you will have the opportunity to use your creativity, API design instincts, and/or teaching skills. We need your help to make the Cardstack experience ready for mainstream use!RequirementsWe have few formal requirements. If your answer to at least 4 of the following questions is "yes", we would be excited to consider you for this position. Do you like coding in JavaScript? Did you ever dig into a library's or framework's internals, just to see how it all works behind the scenes? Have you ever worked on an app that pulled data from many sources? Have you ever designed the public API of a tool, such as writing an npm package? Could you write a test for a function in one of our open-source libraries, if you were on our team? Could you see yourself successfully teaching and mentoring new hires, after spending 3-6 months on our team? Could you tell us about a time that you taught yourself a new skill? This is not a requirement, but having first-hand experience in some of the following areas would be a great advantage: Ember.js, JSON:API, maintaining an open-source library, building a Web-based product from the ground up, blockchain, and Ethereum. Cardstack values a diverse team! We welcome all qualified candidates, and we especially encourage people who are underrepresented in tech to apply.Benefits Competitive full-time salary Medical and dental benefits Paid time off 401k plan Please include your resume, GitHub profile, portfolio, and/or LinkedIn page. Tell us in a few sentences why you are interested in the role, and how you intend to use your skills and experience as a member of the Cardstack team. By the way: Our interview process consists of pair programming and code reviews instead of whiteboarding or homework.

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