Senior Software Architect/Health IT developer

Company: AMSYS Innovative Solutions, LLC
Location: Houston, Texas, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 08.APR.2021


This is a Senior Software Architect/Health IT developer role and is responsible for designing, developing, deploying, and supporting HL7 FH...


This is a Senior Software Architect/Health IT developer role and is responsible for designing,

developing, deploying, and supporting HL7 FHIR integration using APIs and SMART on FHIR

applications between various Patient/Provider/Payer networks.

The ideal candidate will need to partner with internal and external integrators and stakeholders to

connect, test, and maintain application integration using Enterprise Integration Patterns. This role

may include some responsibility for maintaining other interoperability platforms or frameworks such as HL7 FHIR, HL7 v2, and ANSI HIPAA X12.

Primary Responsibilities

● Successfully complete all required job training and keep certifications up to date

● HL7 FHIR Integration Engineer will lead the design and development of various

application integrations to Linux for Health

● Be familiar with the latest HL7 FHIR version as well as other interoperability

frameworks. Maintain proficient programming skills in REST web services, Java,

Apache Camel, Apache Kafka, JSON, and other relevant languages and/or frameworks

● Create, present, and maintain program design artifacts like data flow diagrams and end

user process maps

● Elicit and help configure integration tools or platforms necessary to implement

bi-directional application and EHR connectivity

● Lead authentication and security strategy for connections between internal and external


● Review all project-related design documents and ensure alignment with enterprise

software development standards including change management

● Prepare cost estimates and monitor actual costs for all development activities

● Identify emerging technology trends and leverage them in the healthcare industry. Stay

up to date on interoperability concepts and standards

● Analyze, assess, build, and maintain the interfaces for all data exchange methodologies

including HL7, X12, flat files, web services, FHIR, and more

Configure interface monitoring options and review and ensure all error messages are

addressed according to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

● Participate in implementing change management processes for all solution releases

● Participate in integration testing with internal applications and with external third-party

external applications

● Participate in the evaluation of system upgrades and new functionality and implement

within a timely manner to ensure customer availability

● Maintains documentation on all processes and procedures within the scope of the job


● Provide on-call support for production performance/availability or other critical issues

● Performs other duties as assigned

Preferred Qualifications

● 10+ years of development experience

● 5+ years of experience leading enterprise software solution architecture/design

● HL7 FHIR® (R4) Proficiency Certificate

● Programming Languages Java, Python, Node.JS

● Experience in Enterprise Integration Patterns with Apache Camel

● Strong communication skills and can articulate technology vision to senior


● Experience in either Scrum or Kanban model CD/CI Agile Development

● Experience in Kubernetes and Terraform is a plus.

● Experience with API Security & Federated Identity Technology such as OAUTH 2.0, Open

ID Connect, UMA, and SAML 2.0

● Familiarity with SMART on FHIR standards

● Experience or familiarity with distributed blockchain-based technologies is a plus

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