Senior DevOps Engineer

Company: Electric Coin Company
Location: Denver, Colorado, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 06.APR.2021
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At Electric Coin Company, we're deploying next-generation technology at the intersection of privacy and financial systems. We have made grea...


At Electric Coin Company, we're deploying next-generation technology at the intersection of privacy and financial systems. We have made great progress in maintaining the Zcash cryptocurrency and ensuring it has an excellent reputation for security and privacy. As we continue our commitment to the security of Zcash, we need to further our commitment to Electric Coin Company engineers by improving our infrastructure and CI systems to make them more durable, repeatable and efficient.As a Senior DevOps Engineer, your first task will be to dive into our CI system to familiarize yourself with the architecture, identify areas for improvement in the short term, and in the long term propose and lead the effort on implementing a replacement system. In addition, you'll be using your knowledge of DevOps best practices to help lead the efforts to improve our monitoring, alerting, and infrastructure using the latest tools like Docker, Grafana, and Kubernetes. We're a small team so helping to further automate our corporate IT functions is a must in order to ensure we're running things as smoothly as possible. This role will also involve mentoring our more junior DevOps teammates, helping to get them trained up and guiding them through best practices. We're looking for a collaborative, humble, self-starter who can come onboard and make an immediate impact.RequirementsWe have few concrete requirements. We're flexible, but we're looking for someone with experience with CI systems, including maintaining a CI system with a growing engineering team. You should be passionate about DevOps best practices like scalability, sustainability and fault-tolerance with minimal human intervention. You've been in the trenches and learned a lot of valuable lessons about systems architecture and you're ready to apply those lessons to a new environment. You have a ton of grit, you love implementing tools that make engineers' lives easier, and you're passionate about the efficiency of engineering teams as a whole.Some explicit non-requirements are: Any particular credentials, educational or title-related. Knowledge of cryptocurrencies in particular. We will happily teach you. BenefitsWhy take this job? Why not join some other startup? Here are a few reasons: Electric Coin Company is on a mission to give everyone on Earth an open, secure, and inclusive financial system through the power of exotic math. We believe in self-care. We commonly move meetings for colleagues' personal obligations. Your life comes first. Flexible work arrangementslive where you want and work remotely. Code review and testing are concrete parts of our development culture. Everything we do is open source. We have a strong ethos of professional conduct. We're looking for people who can work in the professional environment we want our company to be. This means you need the empathy and emotional intelligence to be a supportive colleague and collaborate well with people of widely different backgrounds, personalities, and skill sets.At the end of the day, we're looking for someone who's as excited as we are about building the future of cryptocurrency. Sound like you? Get in touch at . Have questions? Feel free to reach out directly to .

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