Senior Blockchain Software Engineer

Company: Fidelity
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 03.JAN.2019


Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT) has the mission to catalyze innovation for Fidelity and our clients and supports the entire Fi...


Fidelity Center for Applied Technology (FCAT) has the mission to catalyze innovation for Fidelity and our clients and supports the entire Fidelity businesses. Within FCAT there is a group leading the efforts on how blockchain technology could both disrupt our current businesses and provide new opportunities for new products and services. We currently have a multi-disciplinary team of software engineers, researchers, designers, product managers, security and compliance experts tackling a number of opportunities. It is from this group that the recently launched Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS) was born.

This role is in Boston, MA.

The Expertise We're Looking For

* A degree in Computer Science / Mathematics or equivalent work experience
* Have practical experience developing on public blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, and/or experience with private blockchain platforms
* Experience working with cryptographic protocols
* Contributions to open source projects (especially Blockchain-related ones)

The Purpose of Your Role

We are looking for a talented Software Engineer to develop financial applications using Blockchain technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other leading public or private blockchain solutions. In this research role, you would be responsible for testing and evaluating numerous blockchain projects and proposals, with an eye to which may be useful to Fidelity. You will work with a business team who identifies business opportunities needing solutions and have opportunities to work with our academic partners IC3 (The Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts), MIT DCI (Digital Currency Initiative) and the UCL CBT (Center for Blockchain Technologies). You would be encouraged contribute to open source blockchain projects in the space and help shepherd changes to public projects and academic projects into industry. We believe we are still in the early days for digital assets, and many new cryptographic techniques and protocols will be developed in the coming years. You will help identify and evaluate them and will also have the opportunity to publish research papers with academic partners.

The Skills You Bring

* Experience with C , Rust, Go, JavaScript, or Python
* Understanding of the cryptographic principles underpinning of Bitcoin or Ethereum
* Have exceptional written and verbal communication skills
* Have a passion for blockchain development
* Have an adversarial mindset: be just as good at breaking code as creating it
* Experience of working with design thinking techniques in iterative sprints (Agile)
* Have a collaborative mind set and enjoy sharing knowledge with other developers
* One or more of:
* Knowledge or experience with technologies using state/payment channels or Sidechains
* Experience with private blockchain projects (permissioned distributed ledgers)
* Previous academic publication experience
* A degree in cryptography, or experience implementing cryptographic software
* Experience with standards bodies around software and internet governance

The Value You Deliver

* Write Bitcoin scripts and Ethereum smart contracts

* Rapidly develop enterprise software applications and platforms using Blockchain technologies

* Provide technical leadership on Blockchain technologies

* Work across peer groups to develop Blockchain solutions for the business

Company Overview

At Fidelity, we are focused on making our financial expertise broadly accessible and effective in helping people live the lives they want. We are a privately held company that places a high degree of value in creating and nurturing a work environment that attracts the best talent and reflects our commitment to our associates. For information about working at Fidelity, visit

Fidelity Investments is an equal opportunity employer.

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