Senior Blockchain Engineer

Company: 3Cubed Search
Location: Stratford, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 19.APR.2021
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Senior Blockchain Engineer - US, West Coast This is a unique opportunity for a Senior Blockchain Engineer to work with a one-of-its-kind he...


Senior Blockchain Engineer - US, West Coast

This is a unique opportunity for a Senior Blockchain Engineer to work with a one-of-its-kind hedge fund that transforms and regularizes financial data into machine learning problems for a global network of data scientists.


As Senior Blockchain Engineer you will play a key part in a business that is now the first hedge fund to source original stock market signals, built from any dataset, from anyone in the world.

Utilizing the most accurate and original machine learning models from the world's best data scientists are synthesized into a collective artificial intelligence that controls the capital in the Company's hedge fund.

The models and signals that power the Company's hedge fund are built by data scientists (users) competing in the Company's tournaments. Users interact with the business primarily through their web frontend, where they can download data, upload submissions, and stake cryptocurrency on their models to earn rewards.

Experienced users will automate their weekly submission workflows by deploying their models to the cloud and connecting them to the Company GraphQL API directly.

The Stack

The frontend is written in Javascript with Vue. The backend API is written in Elixir and backed by Postgres and S3 which talks to backend services for sending emails, computing model diagnostics, and creating transactions on Ethereum.

Data pipelines built on Python/Airflow connect the tournaments to the hedge fund for weekly trading and internal data sources for daily scoring of submissions.

All of these systems are deployed on AWS with Terraform, with a number of auxiliary tools and services for research, observability, and automation.

The Role

Your role as Senior Blockchain Engineer is to work on the smart contracts that power the Company tournament. You will be working closely with the Company's Web and Payment Engineers to make staking and payouts happen, and the Designer and Product Engineers on implementing new features, together with the security team on securing out blockchain systems and assets.

As Senior Blockchain Engineer, you will be expected to own and lead major projects while actively raising the engineering bar across the entire organization. You will work with other Senior Engineers to architect robust and performant systems and processes.

You will work closely with management to translate business objectives into technical requirements, align projects and goals with key metrics, and grow the engineering team.


• Take ownership of the Company's crypto treasury. Design and build tools and processes to manage it efficiently and securely

• Take ownership of existing tournament smart contracts and make upgrades as the tournament rules evolve. Ensure the security of all blockchain systems by working with security engineers and external auditors

• Take ownership of existing internal and external protocol metrics and ensure that they are well understood, accurate, and timely. Work with leadership to design new metrics to guide our strategic roadmap

• Maintain our Ethereum nodes. Stay up to date with Ethereum news, important EIPs, forks, attacks, and projects


• Experience writing smart contracts

• Experience building decentralized applications

• Excellent written communication (design docs, specs, documentation, code reviews, post mortems)

• Extreme ownership

• Good general systems knowledge and debugging skills

• Willing to work extended hours and on weekends if necessary

• Strong interest in finance, machine learning, and decentralization

For further information or to apply, please contact Lisa Darbyshire at

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