Research Manager

Company: Deloitte
Location: New York , New York, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 06.OCT.2019


Position summary Research Manager - Cross-Industry, TechnologyEmphasis, Center for Integrated Research - US Research & Insights, DeloitteSe...


Position summary

Research Manager - Cross-Industry, TechnologyEmphasis, Center for Integrated Research - US Research & Insights, DeloitteServices LP

Generating and communicating distinctive, valuable points of view on topics of interest, importance,and relevance to our clients builds Deloitte's eminence in the marketplace, amajor contributor to the firm's competitive position and brand profile.Deloitte's Center for Integrated Research is a key component of the firm's thoughtleadership strategy, serving to bring consistent, in-depth perspectives oncross-sector issues that are of high relevance to the firm's clients.This focus allows Deloitte to be moreeffective in shaping and defining the conversations that matter.By developing signature content, we enableDeloitte to speak with one voice, and help pave the way for new practices andcapabilities within the firm.

Center for Integrated Researchperspectives on relevant topics are effective when they:

  • Align with our strategicpriorities, where we can take ownership, make an impact, and deliver servicecapabilities;

  • Apply to multipleDeloitte businesses (e.g., consulting and attest services), sectors (e.g.,healthcare and technology), or functions (e.g., CFO, CIO);

  • Providedeeply-researched, fact-based proprietary insights that establish Deloitte andits people as eminent experts within a specific topic or strategic area;

  • Lead to meaningfulconversations with clients and prospects, build relationships, and supportexternal marketing to establish Deloitte's brand;

  • Galvanize ourtalent;

  • Offer a uniquepoint of view;

  • Establish expertisethat enables Deloitte to build new capabilities and establish new marketofferings for clients;

  • Provide a platformfor a differentiated and branded perspective that supports our overall marketpositioning;

  • Remain relevant formultiple years

    Examples of work that has been done atDeloitte under the auspices of the Center for Integrated Research include:

  • Recent themed Deloitte Review issues and courses:

    Deloitte Review, Issue #22: Industry 4.0:Are you ready?(link)

    Deloitte Review, Issue #21: Navigating the Future of Work (link)

    Following the Digital Thread video series (link)

  • Center forIntegrated Research-sponsored Deloitte Insights collections

    Industry 4.0 (link)

    Future of Work (link)

    Future of Mobility (link)

    BehavioralEconomics and Management (link)

    Position :

    The focus of this search is on the identification of afuture research leader with an initial emphasis on topics related to technologyand its application/implementation in pursuit of business value.Relevant topics may include specifictechnologies, such as blockchain, cloud, AI, digital reality, IoT, and others,along with more overarching constructs such as Industry 4.0 and the Future ofMobility. Qualified applicants withexperience outside of a technology-focused domain will also be considered.

    The Center forIntegrated Research is comprised of researchers who support and conductthe design, research, production, and deployment of foundational perspectivesand other thought leadership materials across multiple campaigns that drive tothe heart of Deloitte's prioritized "issues to own" and positions the firm as athought leader in the marketplace.

    Each subject matter specialist may also help to shape theresearch agenda by serving as a series editor for one or more topics,overseeing the thought leadership created by experts within the practice. Inthis role, they assist with topic selection, thought leadership development,and work closely with author teams to develop research that both builds on the existingbody of work and adheres to Deloitte's rigorous quality standards.

    In addition to working with experts in the practice,researchers within the Center for Integrated Research workclosely with each other and with other research centers to collaborate acrosstopics for more coordinated research and insights.

    The position provides opportunities to:

  • Develop signature perspectives on Center for Integrated Research-related topics;

  • Personally produceand deploy thought leadership content through the design and execution ofworld-class research;

  • Support teammembers and other thought leaders in Deloitte in the design and execution oftheir initiatives;

  • Work with internal researchersand thought leaders to align Center for Integrated Research-related efforts,and to cultivate relationships with interested practitioners;

  • Deliver internaland external presentations, live and via webcasts, on Center for IntegratedResearch-related topics;

  • Create anaccessible way for readers to understand often highly-technical or abstract topics;

  • Serve as a connectionpoint to external audiences on these topics;

  • Cultivaterelationships with external researchers and thought leaders;

  • Gain externalawareness of and recognition for our signature perspectives; influence mediaand analysts; and

  • Gather and curatecurrent and future work.

    Qualifications andWork Experience

  • At least 5 years professional experience in an appliedresearch and/or writing role

  • Preferred experience in one or more technology domains(e.g., blockchain, cloud, AI);

  • Demonstrated abilityto direct and perform rigorous primary and secondary research;

  • Executive-levelverbal and written communication skills;

  • Strong editorialskills;

  • Experience workingindependently and as part of a virtual team;

  • Comfort withsucceeding by making others successful;

  • Excellentnetworking skills;

  • Ability to interactwith multiple stakeholders and forge consensus;

  • Passion forresearch and writing;

  • Coachingcapabilities, particularly around the research and writing process;

  • Strong project managementskills and an excellent attention to detail;

  • Ability to managemultiple projects and tight deadlines;

  • Graduate degree(MBA or PhD) preferred; and

  • Location flexible,with the following cities preferred:NewYork, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, San Francisco, or Milwaukee.

    To apply

    Apply with a letter explaining why you are interested inthis role and expanding upon your qualifications.Please include a full CV and two writingsamples, ideally sole- or first-authored.One sample should be shorter (i.e., 2000 words).

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