Product Manager II

Company: UST Global
Location: Woodland Hills, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 31.JUL.2021
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UST Global® is looking for a Product Manager Job Description : Responsibilities * Discover users need by conducting user research and unv...


UST Global® is looking for a Product Manager

Job Description :


* Discover users need by conducting user research and unveiling critical insights. Validate sales and marketing input against this continuously.
* Work with sales, marketing and internal domain SMEs to define and document End to end use case flows and user personas.
* Break down the End to End Use Cases to Minimum value deliverables/features) in each release or sprints.
* Define Feature value proposition by identifying must have Vs performance needs and delighters & create differentiators.
* Champion the team, internal and external stakeholders to ensure alignment around overall strategy and direction of the Business Solution.
* Participate in the Design Scrum with Platform Architects to make sure the Business Use Case is correctly captured/broken-down in to User Stories.
* Work with Architects to create/review user stories and ensure story grooming and sequencing to provide business value. Ensure features that are delivered function and delight customers.
* Attend the daily scrum calls as the voice of customer and enable business validations and business value delivery by development teams
* Work with market research team on competitor data analysis and initiate product roadmap revision based on customer / sales feedback loop
* Track and report the ROI on Business Solution to Stakeholders

Role Proficiency:

Develops and drives the Platform Vision that addresses cross-domain market needs with strong business viability in line with the Product/Platform Portfolio and guidance from Managers. As an active team contributor leads multiple product teams in delivering the desired platform outcomes from initial inception to implementation and support. A strong evangelist of Product & Platforms Division's Vision and Philosophy.


* Owns the Value and Viability Risks and Manages the Product and Platform Lifecycle under guidance from Principal Product Manager I & II
* Devises the product vision and approach; after sound product discovery utilizing modern product discovery practises
* Defines and drives efficient scalable and feasible product development approach in collaboration with Product Technology Data Science and Product Design for early feasibility risk and end-user validations
* Develops the core positioning messaging and value propositions for the product by identifying target market requirements through modern product management practices including Discovery Sprints Rapid Prototyping etc
* Defines the Product Value Roadmap for the different Phases and Stages
* Drafts user stories and ensures they are clearly understood by the cross functional product teams
* Drives the product GTM strategies in agreement with the Principal Product Manager I and II
* Implements the Pricing Strategy for sound product adoption and viability
* Models/displays strong product value and viability for investment approvals at critical go/no-go junctures
* Tracks/Drives Product Metrics and Success goals as under the guidance of Principal Product Manager I and II
* Adherence to modern product management practises and standards; provide periodic status updates
* Ensure career progression for APMs via focused mentoring and grooming
* Perform product demos to customers
* Sets the direction for sustained product innovation and high-end user satisfaction scores
* Manages the relationship with Idea Partners Panel of Experts; Co-creating enterprise-clients

Measures of Outcomes:

* Outcome accounting performancea. Product financial healthb. Product and Platform Assetsc. Valuation Multiples d. Number of Customer Activationse. Churn Ratiosf. TCV of Customer Revenueg. Projected Product Growth - Assets Revenues vs Achievement h. Cost Control
* Adherence to agreed product roll-out timelines
* Achievement of Product/Platform OKRs
* Product Team Performance
* Number of domain and product certifications

Outputs Expected:

Plan to develop great products and platforms:

* Develop the Product/Platform strategy with a compelling vision
* Devise development and roll out strategies
* Creates and manages a product value roadmap based on delivering value outcomes
* Facilitate Discovery Sprints with the Product Team
* Facilitate the collection and prioritization of roadmap inputs and manage a living roadmap for the different Product phases
* Write and groom impressive user stories by capturing and translating solutions for identified user problems into product features that deliver value and impress users
* Plan and execute early feasibility risk mitigations through product prototyping/POCs
* Conduct Product and Release Planning sessions with cross-functional product teams
* Set quality product/platform OKRs to meet same

Design to deliver great end -user experience:

* Facilitate sound user research across target market segments
* Design user-centric experiences throughout the user journey
* Define user experience (e.g. wire framing journey maps) partnering with product designers

Research the market to ensure an unfair advantage:

* Sound understanding of market trends partner ecosystems and competitive strategies
* Understanding users the marketplace the competition and future trends for the domain or type of system being developed through customer and market research competitive analysis and rapidly acquiring domain expertise
* Define and articulate unique product and business differentiation

Manage business to go to acquire additional markets:

* Implement the GTM strategies and achieve the metrics for product success

Manages Portfolio Viability:

* Implement product/platform pricing strategies for market adoption and strong business viability

Manage great people:

* Inspire Product teams communicate with diverse groups and influence change throughout the organization
* Set a vision of what s/he wishes to build and motivate the product team to deliver the vision
* Prioritize delegate influence persuade resolve

Use great technology:

* Deep understanding and usage of tech stacks
* Sound understanding of exponential technologies including AI/ML IoT Blockchain
* Agile proficiency for Rapid Product Discovery & Development
* Employ vast technology in product management by deep dive into technology trends and architectures

Employ great methods in product management :

* Understand different product management and development approaches
* Understand product usage models

Stakeholder Management :

* Exemplary people management skills
* Managing the relationship with Idea Partners Senior Management; Co-creating enterprise clients

Skill Examples:

* Product and Platform Value & Viability Management
* Ability to create business cases and business models including revenue modeling cost management SaaS models outcome-based models
* Ability to manage a great team and stakeholders with proven ability to influence cross-functional teams without formal authority
* Ability to develop the core positioning messaging and value propositions for the product
* Ability to perform product demos to customers/end users
* Aptitude to manage product pipeline effectively
* Ability to define user experience; to be incorporated into the User Design
* Capability in creating and grooming user stories
* Ability to perform Product/Platform GTM planning and implementation
* Ability to create market customer and competition research based on understanding of market trends partner ecosystems and competitive strategies
* Capacity for leveraging vast technology in product management by deep dive into technology trends and architectures
* Skill in motivating team to build and deliver great products
* Great Coach Agile Leader

Knowledge Examples:

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