Microservices / Cloud Architect

Company: Synechron Inc.
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 21.MAY.2020


Synechron is one of the fastest-growing digital, business consulting technology firms in the world. Specialized in financial services, the b...


Synechron is one of the fastest-growing digital, business consulting technology firms in the world. Specialized in financial services, the businessrsquo focus on embracing the most cutting-edge innovations combined with expert knowledge and technical expertise has allowed Synechron to reach 500+ million in annual revenue, 8,000 employees and 18 offices worldwide. Synechron is agile enough to invest RD into the latest technologies to help financial services firms stand at the cutting-edge of innovation yet, also large enough to scale any global project. Learn more at httpsnam05.safelinks.protection.outlook.com?urlhttp3A2F2F Synechron draws on over 15 years of financial services IT consulting experience to provide expert systems integration expertise and technical development work in highly-complex areas within financial services. This includes Enterprise Architecture Strategy, Application Development Maintenance, Quality Assurance, Infrastructure Management, Data Analytics and Cloud Computing. Synechron is one of the worldrsquos leading systems integrators for specialist technology solutions including Murex, Calypso, Pega, and others and also provides traditional offshoring capabilities with off-shore development centers located in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai as well as near-shoring capabilities for European banks with development centers in Serbia. Synechronrsquos technology team works with traditional technologies and platforms like Java, C++, Python, and others as well as the most cutting-edge technologies from blockchain to artificial intelligence. Learn more at httpsynechron.comtechnology httpsnam05.safelinks.protection.outlook.com?urlhttp3A2F2Fsynechron.com2Ftechnology2520ampdata027C017CPrince.Maiti40synechron.com7Cb0ea8ff338e94a737d7208d7ecba2d4e7Ce50ebc8476f24636b550c3f7abc924af7C07C07CampsdataGTKmlAjRDSJ94m5arOpGRAto4scXHmENHIg2FY7Gl92Q3Dampreserved0 Synechron Inc is seeking Microservices Cloud Architect with in financial services to join our Charlotte, NC team. Job Responsibilities This role will involve the design and development of services across a multiple data-driven environment. Serve as a primary Subject Matter Expert (SME) as well as provide through leadership and incorporate best practices in Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Microservices design and implementation. Have to demonstrate the ability to make a comprehensive assessment of the environment and demonstrate an end-to-end understanding of both processes and integration points, documenting an actual end-to-end thread, which exercises the various pieces of the environment and platform. Will play a key role in ensuring the execution of true SOA architecture and development patterns. Have to lead the process for creating a comprehensive enterprise architecture which coordinates all the moving parts involved in a distributed architecture of the environment. Required Skills Minimum of BS in Computer Science or comparable technical field plus 12+ years of directly related work experience in services architecture, component design, implementation, and deployment processes. Experience and fluency with Cloud, Microservices, and SOA concepts and components. Past experience must include SOA assessment, requirements definition, architecting, designing, developing, integrating, testing, deploying, and providing operations and maintenance support for the SOA-based solutions. Experience in interface analysis and design for complex software systems environments, as well as hands-on experience with SOA technologies and Web Services development, and the ability to identify, define, and communicate design trade-offs. Excellent communications skills present and communicate effectively with clients, team members and management.

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