Lead Devops Engineer Blockchain, Kubernetes, Node.JS San Francisco

Company: ConSol Partners
Location: San Francisco , California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 04.NOV.2018


The Company If you are looking to move in to the blockchain community or are already working on blockchain projects, one of the most exciti...


The Company

If you are looking to move in to the blockchain community or are already working on blockchain projects, one of the most exciting teams is looking for a Lead DevOps Engineer. The team has a great crypto-economic model, years of experience designing consensus for the participants to create more co-ordination between users. They believe in creating a fairer economic and social platform for all users.

They are huge believers in open source technologies as a way to create even better systems and applications, so if you feel the same this could be an excellent opportunity for you.

They are really interested in speaking with people who have worked on node.js platforms but that is not essential to apply: We are seeking a DevOps/Microservices Engineer.

The Individual

This person will:

* Join the Infrastructure team to create backend services to support the operation * Develop new microservices required to support future interactions * Grow the existing monitoring/alerts services for the entire platform * Support the actual microservices and help optimize and secure them * Explore backend architecture alternatives that will help to grow to a planetary scale

The requirements:

* 4+ years' experience in Systems Engineering/DevOps role

* 3+ Background in Linux/Unix Systems

* Experience with Kubernetes containerization

* Experience configuring and running CI platforms such as Jenkins, GitLab-CI, Circle, Travis...

* Experience using Configuration Management/Infrastructure-as-code tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Terraform

* Experience with cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, OVH, Google Cloud

* Good understanding of networking concepts (load balancers, routers)

* Experience with setting-up highly secure infrastructures with no Single Point of Failure

* Experience with node.js server side programing

* Excellent verbal and written communication in English

* Teamwork, flexibility, initiative, and organisation

* Willingness to constantly learn & improve, challenging yourself to stay at the top of your game

* High EQ and ability to work with constantly evolving, decentralized, diverse teams to get things done efficiently

* Successful working autonomously

* Ability to collaborate with a team distributed widely across different time zones

* Understanding Blockchain technology, especially Ethereum

* Experience with monitoring/reliability tools like the Elastic Stack or Prometheus

* Experience with serverless microservices architecture

* Experience in deploying Blockchain infrastructures using Parity of Geth

* Contribution to Open-Source projects

* Experience with Back End programming Languages such as Python, GoLang or Rust

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