Infrastructure Engineer

Company: Jobot
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 29.APR.2021


Infrastructure Engineer for Blockchain Startup **EQUITY*** This Jobot Job is hosted by Jacqueline Siegel Are you a fit? Easy Apply now by c...


Infrastructure Engineer for Blockchain Startup **EQUITY***

This Jobot Job is hosted by Jacqueline Siegel
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Salary $98,000 - $160,000 per year

A Bit About Us

We are a leading provider of cryptoasset data for institutions. We deliver transparent and actionable
data and analytics to various industry stakeholders including asset managers, custodians, trading venues,
research desks, and data/application providers. Our data empowers its clients and the public to
better understand, use and value open crypto networks

Why join us?

You will be surrounded by talented people passionate about decentralized economies and the data behind
them. Break new ground, create exciting new data-driven research and products, and help shape the future of

Job Details

⎻ Proficiency with the Kotlin programming language; database management systems, like PostgreSQL;
load balancing and reverse proxies technologies, like Nginx; as well as advanced search and analytics
engine, such as ElasticSearch or Cassandra.
⎻ Solid understanding of how blockchains operate and the inner workings of full and archival nodes.
⎻ Experience configuring, running and maintaining full nodes of various networks, preferably through
container management toolkits such as Docker or Kubernetes.
⎻ 3+ years of direct experience in infrastructure, DevOps or back-end engineering roles.

Key responsibilities include
⎻ Maintain blockchain nodes and monitor key areas such as network synchronization, connected peers,
node configurations, and supporting infrastructure.
⎻ Investigate issues and respond to incidents, network attacks, and synchronization problems.
⎻ Evaluate the feasibility of alternative client implementations and produce performance benchmarks.
⎻ Develop services and key pieces of infrastructure to automate processes that support the deployment,
monitoring and QC of full nodes.
⎻ Keep track of client updates, softforks, hardforks, and other events that may disrupt operations.
⎻ Research key topics related to new node additions, including emerging blockchain data structures,
consensus algorithms and network vulnerabilities

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