Fall 2019 - Marketing/Community Intern - Labs

Company: Consensys
Location: Boulder , Colorado, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 13.AUG.2019


ConsenSys is a venture production studio focused on building and scaling tools and enterprise software products powered by Ethereum. Our mis...


ConsenSys is a venture production studio focused on building and scaling tools and enterprise software products powered by Ethereum. Our mission is to use these solutions to power the emerging economic, social, and political operating systems of the planet.

Our teams are busy at work building the future of identity, financial markets, commerce, the music industry, security and infrastructure, and more. As a ConsenSys intern, you will be embedded with one of our product teams and receive 1-to-1 mentorship while making real contributions towards building the Internet of tomorrow. Past ConsenSys interns have:
- Contributed theoretical research to the Ethereum Foundation
- Published among the earliest decompositions of the DAO hack
- Helped INFURA scale to serve more than 40 million requests per day
- Contributed code to uPort, Boardroom, Weifund, the Proof-of-Physical-Address project, and the original Ujo Music prototype?one of the most heavily transacted-with smart contracts in the first six months of the Ethereum mainnet.

About Consensys Labs:
Consensys Labs is a 10-person distributed, flat organization made up of entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, and strategists.

This role will be supporting the Consensys Labs Relay team, which is a 4-person team based out of Boulder, Colorado, that is specifically focused on expanding and diversifying the community of people building on Ethereum through targeted in-person and remote events all over the world.

You?ll be working directly with the program leads to imagine new ways to engage a remote community, manage global events to drive engagement and open-source development, and tell stories to expand our reach and impact, leading to meaningful, problem-based development in blockchain technology. In this role, you?ll get to run global events with thousands of participants, author and publish case studies about our processes and most compelling teams, and deliver content in the form of videos, blogs, websites, and playbooks.


- Manage production of all content, including but not limited to emails, blogs, newsletters, and other media, for the Relays team.
- Author and refine playbooks to operationalize Relays processes, including but not limited to writing bounties, running hackathons, managing judging, and processing payouts.
- Manage the external Relays community. Catalog and track individual participants and teams and make sure useful, succinct, actionable communication is going out on a regular basis.
- Support design and development efforts for all Relays events, including production and maintenance of websites, visual design artifacts, etc.
- Support senior staff in strategic Relays tasks, including but not limited to working with partners and co-sponsors, iterating on the design of the Relays process, choosing and authoring bounties, supporting hackathon winners, etc.

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