Exciting Logistics Integration Software Startup - Backend Software Eng

Company: Chain.io
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 12.JAN.2021


Company DescriptionPlease only apply to this position if you have the ability to work as a consultant or hourly resource from Philadelphia, ...


Company DescriptionPlease only apply to this position if you have the ability to work as a consultant or hourly resource from Philadelphia, PA, remotely from the Philadelphia area, are a US Citizen, have your Green Card or Long Term Visa.(THIS POSITION WILL START HOURLY, BUT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO FULL-TIME IN THE FUTURE).Chain.io is one of the fastest growing software companies in the Philadelphia region and has developed an industry leading serverless logistics integration software platform for 3PLs, Digital Forwarders, Shippers and SAAS providers. Our expert technology team of supply chain experts has spent decades learning industry best practices inside logistics, retail and software companies to build the ideal solution for our clients.Chain.io enables their clients to connect their ERP, TMS, WMS, BI platform or other disparate systems and handles communication with the world. Whether our customers communicate using legacy EDI, flat files, XML or the latest and greatest JSON APIs, Chain.io has a solution. Once a client is connected to the platform, they have access to best practice based integration solutions for sharing purchase orders, ASNs, status updates, documents and invoices. Chain.io handles all the complexity of transforming messages to trading partners' preferred formats.Chain.io Technology Stack OverviewChain.io uses the latest serverless cloud technologies to build integrations faster. Those technologies are built into our three core application layers: Flow, Hub, and Vault and are built using AWS Lambda, Node, Jest, CircleCI, React, Terraform, Blockchain and other technologies.FLOWFlow allows you to quickly and efficiently communicate fast moving data between multiple internal and external systems.With an event based architecture and the same data integrity protections that apply to Hub, Flow is all about getting data to the right people in the right format at the right time.Flow is the ideal solution for things like Advanced Shipment Notices, Inventory updates, IOT data streams, Shipment status updates, eCommerce orders and deliveries.HUBHub is our supply chain data store. It's perfect for storing data that will be referenced across multiple supply chain transactions and systems.By combining a consistent, canonical data model with the ability to communicate with your systems in their own language, each system to communicate in its own unique language, Hub is the perfect central repository to address data quality and consistency across disparate platforms.Flow becomes the ideal solution for things including Product master data, Purchase orders, Harmonized tariff and other compliance data, Supplier and trading partner profiles.VAULTVault is long term storage, powered by the blockchain.Vault is Chain.io's long term store for critical documents and supply chain data.Backed by the Ethereum blockchain, Vault captures unalterable timestamps and allows for document integrity verification years after the document is added.Vault becomes the ideal solution for things including, Proof of Delivery, Customs records, Temperature control data, Social and environmental compliance reports and Trading partner EDI archiving.Chain.io Headquarters, Compensation and Benefits Overview(THIS POSITION WILL START HOURLY, BUT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO FULL-TIME IN THE FUTURE).Our headquarters at 1518 Walnut Street on the 15th floor is situated in one of the best areas of Philadelphia / Rittenhouse Square and can be easily accessed from SEPTA trains to Suburban Station, SEPTA buses and PATCO.Our hourly wages and salary are extremely competitive based on prior skills and experience and we give our employees a flexible work schedule, where you have the ability to work remotely.PTO overview - you are required to use at least 10 days per year with a soft ceiling of 20 days (very flexible if you need to go over).We offer you subsidized Health and Dental insurance.We give you the opportunity to be reimbursed for occasional conferences and professional development.We follow continuous integration and delivery - deploy code to production daily.Opportunity to grow and expand your career - into roles that interest you or best fit your abilities.Opportunity to gain exposure to extremely interesting supply chain processes and solve supply chain issues for global brands.Job Description(THIS POSITION WILL START HOURLY, BUT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO FULL-TIME IN THE FUTURE).Since Chain.io is primarily focused on Supply Chain Integrations, the main thing you will be doing in this position is working within the back-end, cloud and infrastructure areas - performing engineering, development and programming tasks using back-end Javascript (Node.js), doing Test Driven Development (TDD) and Unit Testing activities using tools like JEST and working with our tech stack that includes Node.js, AWS Lambda, CircleCI, React, Terraform and Blockchain technologies.Chain.io believes heavily in TDD. You will be working alongside an expert engineering team who value deploying high quality code.Our philosophy is for our engineers to work in teams of two and balance pairing with some time for individual focus. If you are only interested in working alone, and don't have a passion for TDD and Unit Testing best practices you will probably not be a good fit for us.You will be solving complex supply chain integration business and technology challenges and requirements by developing new and connecting existing solutions with small focused microservice functions.You will be developing efficient and reusable code, primarily on the back end using Node.js.You will work directly with our integration partners and clients; communicating on integration testing and analysis.You will work within a serverless platform consisting of many microservices and cloud services.Qualifications(THIS POSITION WILL START HOURLY, BUT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO FULL-TIME IN THE FUTURE)The ideal person for this position should have a passion for back-end Development, be strong in Javascript (Node.js), can work collaboratively with others, has a knack for writing reusable code, and embraces TDD, Unit Testing using JS Promise, DevOps, and Automation. You MUST have 3-7+ years of experience, primarily as an engineer working in the back-end and understand the principles of microservice development as well as Node.js.Having experience AWS Lambda, Jest, CircleCI, React and Terraform is great.Strong belief in TDD, DevOps and automating as much as possible.If you have prior experience using JEST or a similar framework for Unit Testing this would be a huge plus.Prior experience with microservices and architecting systems in the cloud.Experience leading a development team would be a huge plus.Ability to break down complex problems into a variety of simple and generic problems.Comfortable with client interaction.Ability to work collaboratively and productively with others.Additional InformationProcess for InterviewingPlease submit your resume by clicking "I'm Interested"If you don't have a resume, but are interested, and meet the requirements, respond to one of our messages to you.Phone screen by Michael C. Bertoni - Chief Recruiting Officer for Chain.ioPhone Screen with Chain.io Founder/CEO or Engineering team memberOnsite InterviewOffer

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