Ethical Hacker

Company: Statistical Logistics LLC
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 31.MAY.2021
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Do you know the meaning of the word hacker? Is it a perjorative term to you? If so stop reading. If you know the real meaning of the word h...


Do you know the meaning of the word hacker? Is it a perjorative term to you? If so stop reading.

If you know the real meaning of the word hacker (a skilled, curious, and mostly harmless electronic dissambler/reassembler)… I'm looking for you!

I'm trying to bootstrap a replacement for our outdated system of international money transfer. I have a much better idea and this technology doesn't appear to even exist anywhere. I could use some blockchain helpers to assist me on this mission.

I don't care if you are a Bitcoin maximalist, a USD protectionist, an ethereum neo-lib, or a regular academic wizard. We're here to fix what's broken, and make money doing it. This is an advertisement for a Job, not a cult. There is no catchy motto or hip slogan. We just work, we take breaks, we have fun, but at the end lf the day, this is not your family. This is how jobs should be. This is an arrangement where you do work, and then you get paid. You do great work and contribute to success, you get rewarded more! Wow!

As I have my own flock of kids, obviously I understand what it means to be a working parent. That said, I don't know what it means to be a slack off employee, there's a line, and we walk it as best we can. Personally I love this field, it's one of my passions so I CHOOSE to work 80+ hours a week, I do NOT expect or encourage this behavior, but to each their own.

I need engineers with senior level understanding of:
Computer Security
Linux|BSD|Unix is a MUST HAVE
Consensus protocols
Formal analysis (soft requirement)
CS fundamentals (not algorithmic complexity)
Golang|C++, Python|Perl

We don't discriminate, but cannot sponsor anyone for a visa at this time. I do look for very smart people with some ability to handle "dynamic and challenging" evironments, and the ability to persuade me into believing them. I've interviewed at least 500 people in my career, so I think I'm able to tell.

Send me a cover letter with a brief reason why I should read the rest of your resume and I'll be in touch! Compensation DOE.

A bit about me: I've been hacking since I got my IBM PC Jr, with 512k of RAM in second grade. I worked for a man who helped build the internet at GE, he taught me a lot. I've built some part of just about ever layer of the standard OSI model at one point in time in my career, I'm a very skilled general engineer.

I'm a dab hand at the law as well. I'm not an attorney, but it seems like you don't even need an attorney to handle most day-to-day legal issues these days.

I have some family history in the field of group employment benefits and insurance as well, so I can manage an HR department just fine.

I also like to go fast, in cars, motorcycles, airplanes, etc. If you have a problem with people who like fast cars or motorcycles, this might not be the best cultural fit, but as long as you don't judge, we can work it out.

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