Ecosystem Development Lead

Company: ReSource Network
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 12.AUG.2021
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ReSource is Hiring an Ecosystem Development Lead ReSource is a decentralized finance protocol for business to business credit networks. Th...


ReSource is Hiring an Ecosystem Development Lead

ReSource is a decentralized finance protocol for business to business credit networks. The first such B2B network built on the ReSource Protocol is the ReSource Network, a credit & e-commerce marketplace for freelancers and businesses. They launched in May 2021 and saw 500% growth in transactions into June. ReSource serves the small businesses and freelancers that provide the backbone for the economy.

On the ReSource Network, businesses can access competitive credit lines that they can use to purchase products and services from each other. ReSource is built on the foundation of mutual credit, and is pioneering decentralized underwriting, undercollateralized credit, negative balance-enabled wallets, and a seamless user experience that feels like Web 2.0.

They raised a Seed Round from notable VC's such as Future Perfect Ventures, Flori Celo's ecosystem fund, and NGC.


This position will manage social media channels and build a community that will be foundational for the growth of the Protocol and the Company. This position will work closely with Operations, Engineering and Marketing teams.


  • Directly working with and supporting our Chief Operations Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Interfacing between the marketing team and engineering team to plan communications about releases etc.
  • Planning hackathons and other opportunities for engaging with our codebase and tools.
  • Engaging ecosystem partners in plans for interoperability and partnerships.
  • Building and nurturing partnerships with other key stakeholders in the industry.
  • Being active and engaged with our communities.
  • Managing the creation of docs (i.e. Gitbook) for stakeholders (businesses, underwriters, ambassadors, developers).
  • Oversight of technical content messaging, production & publishing, and moderating community dialogue on Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, Discord, Telegram and other Social Media channels.
  • Coordinating with PR firms, media outlets, podcast producers, YouTube channels, Twitter influencers and other relevant channels to gain exposure for ReSource.
  • Managing projects that involve coordination with internals & externals in preparation for our mainnet launch, such as

Coordinating the rollout of the delegated staking program

Collaboration on the drafting and execution of an exchange strategy

Planning and executing AMA's, networking events & meetups, etc.

Token swaps & community token distribution.

  • Maintaining a deep understanding of the ReSource protocol and its development trajectory.
  • Keep tracking of the latest trends in the Decentralized technology, crypto and blockchain space.


  • You are passionate and literate about decentralized technology and blockchain.
  • You are able to manage multiple lines of communication.
  • You are skilled using Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, LinkedIn and have experience with other social media tools.
  • You have experience building and managing a digital community.
  • You have the ability to liaise with influencers, content creators and subject matter experts.
  • You have great communication skills with a proven ability to turn complex information into easy to understand content:

You can understand Proof of Stake and explain it to anyone who knows the basics about blockchain.

You can describe the importance of access to fair credit, financial inclusion, and access to a stable and reliable unit of account to do commerce with

  • You can compose and publish blogs and docs distilling complex information in a timely fashion.
  • You have remarkable written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • You are well versed in the implementation and understanding of marketing analytics.
  • You are capable of working effectively and independently in a remote team environment.
  • You have initiative, are unafraid to ask questions that you don't have an answer to, and like to start things rather than waiting to be directed.
  • You are able to manage complexity without being overwhelmed and while keeping a great working attitude
  • You are open minded and you enjoy working with an international and diverse background team.


  • Full Time, Dependent upon experience
  • Benefits and Stakeholder Options Available

ReSource welcomes people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build a prosperous future for business owners. If you have the curiosity, passion, and collaborative spirit, work with us, and let's move the world forward together.

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