Distributed Systems Engineer

Company: Sifchain Finance
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 03.MAY.2021
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At Sifchain we are in the process of launching an Omnichain Decentralized Exchange. This is a unique technical undertaking that continues to...


At Sifchain we are in the process of launching an Omnichain Decentralized Exchange. This is a unique technical undertaking that continues to attract interest and excitement from a multitude of well known investors in the blockchain sphere. In fact, the private sale round was oversubscribed within two days of its announcement. Investors recognize that our offering has unique benefits over both CEXes and existing DEXes, and has the potential to fundamentally change the DeFi ecosystem. The team is led by a blockchain architect from Thorchain, which raised its liquid market cap from $1M to over $150M in two years.As a Distributed Systems Engineer you'll help us build our core blockchain and bridge software. You'll help architect cutting edge bridge and blockchain technology. Prior experience with blockchain projects is not required as we are primarily interested in capacity to grow into the role. You should have prior experience in taking part in developing high-quality backend architecture. You should feel comfortable working in a fast-paced environment where the solutions aren't already predefined.RequirementsResponsibilities Researching external blockchain systems, understanding how they implement solutions to core blockchain problems (such as consensus, account management, identity, data storage, and performance), and designing ways to integrate them with Sifchain Developing cryptocurrency features with sound testing and debugging practices Ensuring different distributed systems tools cohere efficiently Creating technical documentation and well-commented code for open source consumption Collaborate with developers on all parts of the stack internally Participate in open source development Qualifications Fluency in a systems-level programming language (Golang preferred). Experience with developing complex software systems scaling to substantial data volumes or millions of users with production quality deployment, monitoring and reliability. Understand the tradeoffs of performance, compute, and memory and simultaneously optimize for all three. Track record of delivering solutions on hard computer science problems including job scheduling, concurrency, and horizontally scaling. Strong familiarity with distributed programming models Ability to think about protocol design, network design, and systems design from first principles A keen aptitude for sharp feedback and structured communication. Independent and self-driven You want to work on building things the "right" way to ensure minimal tech debt 3+ years engineering experience Bonus Points Data Processing - experience with building and maintaining large scale and/or real-time complex data processing pipelines using Kafka, Hadoop, Hive, Storm, or Zookeeper Experience with large-scale distributed storage and database systems (SQL or NoSQL, e.g. MySQL, Cassandra) Background in cryptography or networking Background in academic economics or finance Familiarity with Cosmos, Tendermint, or Thorchain Familiarity with the Golang programming language Familiarity with Ethereum development tooling and smart contract development Experience with a distributed team / remote work Ability to decompose complex business problems and lead a team in solving them Benefits Industry competitive salary Commitment to employee development and learning Joining a talented and senior blockchain engineering team Full time remote

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