Director, User Experience

Company: Blume Global
Location: Pleasanton , California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 13.FEB.2020


Join Our Team We call ourselves Blumers. We work on really exciting stuff together, we eat and play together, and we help each other out (wh...


Join Our Team
We call ourselves Blumers. We work on really exciting stuff together, we eat and play together, and we help each other out (who woulda thought?!).

With 25 years in the business and a full rebranding and renaming of our company in September 2018, think of Blume Global as not your typical start-up. Think up-start.

The secret sauce? Our people.

We've got leaders-both women and men-with diverse backgrounds, college interns and lots of talented, smart people in between. We're a resourceful and scrappy bunch, currently at around 200 employees in 4 offices in the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, and Hong Kong. And we have a well-established and growing customer and partnership base across the supply chain industry.

Some highlights of working at Blume Global are:

  • Growth - professional development, company, and industry
  • Fun - free lunch Fridays, happy hours, office surprises and more
  • Humility - everyone leaves their egos at home
  • Innovation - We're working on some really cool stuff for the supply chain, whether it's AI, machine learning, IoT or blockchain.
About Blume Global

From the world's largest global retailers, manufacturers and consumer products companies to the smallest local drayage trucking companies, success depends on end-to-end visibility and orchestration of global supply chain networks across every move, every mode, and every mile. With its AI-enabled, data-driven digital platform and solutions for real-time visibility, logistics execution, asset management, optimization, and financial settlement, Blume Global leverages 25 years of data insights, its globally connected network and advanced technologies to help enterprises be more agile and responsive, improve service delivery and reduce costs. Learn more at

As a Director of User Experience, at Blume Global, you will be responsible for guiding and inspiring a UX design team to create engaging experiences for our users across multiple platforms. You will be a thought leader in design at Blume and within the Digital Supply Chain community, and help drive innovation for our products alongside product strategy, research and engineering leaders.

As a Director of User Experience you will:
  • Define and ensure performance goals are met for all team members, providing regular feedback and team guidance
  • Drive understanding of customer business objectives and ensure team members develop deliverables that meet those objectives.
  • Review and provide insightful feedback on deliverables with primary focus on helping team members get better.
  • Ensure team members hit utilization targets and other operational metrics.
  • Provide subject matter expertise to both internal teams and external customers.
  • Drive, develop and lead training as appropriate.
  • Identifying opportunities for the business to achieve improved profitability and efficiency.
  • Create outstanding team - oriented culture, work with cross-functional teams to align goals.
  • Be an experienced Interaction Designer who wants to be a hands-on manager/team lead
  • You will work on and lead projects as you mentor a team of entry to mid-level designers
  • Be a strong visual candidate with ideas and vision to help shape the look, feel, and experience of our next generation suite of products.
  • Help define/shape the visual implementation for current and future products
  • Have experience participating in the design, implementation, and user research processes as a part of the UX team.
  • Have a passion for creating a stunning visual identity for a suite of different products all operating under a single Blume Global Brand.
  • The person will be responsible for questioning, refining, and transforming whiteboard sessions, technical/non-technical discussions, wireframes, sketches, and user journeys into actionable visual landscapes.
  • The person will be responsible for daily use of most or all of the following design platforms: the Adobe Design Suite, Sketch, Zeplin, Invision, and/or Webflow.
  • Introduction and maintenance of the visual aspect of the product design systems to be used across all our products, and ensure design conforms to usability guidelines and UX specs.
  • Collaboration with key teams - Product development (UX designers, product managers, and engineers) to implement products and new features.
  • UI/Frontend Development (UI Leadership, Frontend engineering staff) on interaction design and development of the product style guide's interactive identity.
  • Quickly prototype interactions for new features and refine the visual experience of existing features.
  • Maintaining the design consistency and coherence across all of the Blume Global products.
  • At least 3-7 years of experience in visual design, either UX or UI focused.
  • Highly proficient with design tools (Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, etc)
  • Highly proficient with interactive prototyping tools (InVision Studio, Zeplin, Principle, Framer etc)
  • Experience in visual interaction design.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Great portfolio demonstrating both full desktop and mobile-responsive designs.
  • Experience in building hybrid and native apps for both iOS and Android.
  • Knowledge of enterprise design systems, user interface design guidelines, and user experience standard practices.
  • Ready to pivot from one project to the next, highly flexible and able to turn around deliverables fast.
  • Knowledge of React a plus.
  • Considerable knowledge and expertise of either the Adobe Suite, Zeplin, Sketch, or some kind of multi-purpose design application.
  • A broad understanding of frontend development, implementation, and best practices.
  • Strong communication skills and evidence of working with developers, product managers, and designers. Relevant experience developing complex, business facing web and/or mobile applications.
  • Some experience participating in user research and data-driven decision making, and interest in bringing visual solutions for UX problems to the forefront for prioritization.
  • Passion for color, typography, and making complicated interfaces beautiful and usable.
  • Be able to quickly develop and deliver screen mock-ups to the engineering team - as part of the multiple demonstration opportunities.
  • Be able to think quickly and ask questions like - "how the user will benefit?", "the Wow! effect"
  • Continue to seek way to improve the overall visual impact of the Blume Global's next gen suite of products.

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