Design Director

Company: Braintrust
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 22.APR.2021
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JOB TYPE: Full Time, Internal Braintrust HireLOCATION: Remote (TimeZone: BST, CST, EST)HIGH-LEVEL QUALIFICATIONS: Portfolio with complex mar...


JOB TYPE: Full Time, Internal Braintrust HireLOCATION: Remote (TimeZone: BST, CST, EST)HIGH-LEVEL QUALIFICATIONS: Portfolio with complex marketplace experience This is an IC role with opportunity to lead/ managePosition DescriptionAs Braintrusts first full time Design team member, you will build and lead the Design practice including UserResearch, UX Design, and UI Design. Youll create a bold UX & UI vision and collaborate with product,engineering, and operations to bring it to life. Youll focus on transforming the user experience acrossstakeholders with an emphasis on user control and incentive alignment. For talent, youll make it easy anddelightful to find high quality freelance work, build community, and grow & control the network. Forenterprise clients, youll make it easy and delightful to find and engage the highest quality talent quickly. Forthe core team, youll help eliminate, streamline, and decentralize processes that will accelerate exponentialbusiness growth.Youll partner with Product to create the product strategy. Youll develop unparalleled knowledge of themarket and customers through research. Youll set the design standards and foundation to efficiently andcollaboratively build a best in class product. Youll support design of new features and experiences fromconcept to delivery. Youll help create the design culture and team that makes it easy to flex resources andempower freelancers to seamlessly contribute.This is a remote position that can be done from nearly anywhere as long as youre working close to USbusiness hours (EST/CST/MST/PST). There will be zero to minimal travel required.Responsibilities: Build a UX vision with a strong point of view to catapult our product to set a new standard in onlinemarketplaces. Work with product to strategically prioritize initiatives and features that address most importantcustomer and business needs. Immerse yourself in the world of marketplaces, the future of work, and blockchain technology tounderstand the full vision and potential lasting impact of your design. Understand the core needs and pain points of users through research including customer interviews,surveys, usability testing, field observations, and relationship building. Research competitive and analogous products and experiences. Independently design and maintain wireframes, mockups, UI prototypes, and specifications. Create the Braintrust design system that will enable efficient production of beautiful, high-fidelity userinterfaces. Translate new blockchain technology into seamless user experiences to make the world ofCryptocurrency easy and accessible. Ensure design quality through the product development process. When necessary, engage freelancer design talent to scale efforts.Required Experience Previously held senior positions in high growth start-ups.. Strong portfolio demonstrating user-centered design philosophy, taking complex processes andmaking them easy for every user. Experience in designing enterprise SaaS web applications (Bonus Points: experience with two-sidedmarketplaces) Strong commitment to the core values of the Braintrust team and a demonstrated willingness to fullyunderstand the bigger mission.Youre a great match for this role if you have : Commitment to Excellence. Relentless dedication to building something that sets a new standard indesign. Customer obsession. You deeply understand the customer, and want to build a product that deliversdelight and value for them. A love of independent work. You understand business context and can make decisions on your ownthat keep the process moving forward. A shared vision with us around the Future of Work. This role exemplifies how complex andsophisticated work will be done in the future.

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