Cryptocurrency Sales and Trading Assistant summer part-time contractor

Company: Element Group
Location: Westfield , New Jersey, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 23.MAY.2018


Job Description Cryptocurrency OTC Sales and Trading part-time, contractor or summer position working with all levels of our NJ/San Fran te...


Job Description

Cryptocurrency OTC Sales and Trading part-time, contractor or summer position working with all levels of our NJ/San Fran team:

50% back/middle office, 30% client relationship support, 20% working with Excel/Google sheets, integrating APIs and building based on our and your ideas and initiative.

We are a dynamic boutique investment bank with a strong presence on the advisory side of the blockchain movement and in January, 2018 established an OTC sales and trading desk in major cryptocurrencies.

The position involves at least 50% of the heavy detail work integrating our trading, reporting and back office systems that we have just purchased. This is very precise, sometimes tedious, and always very exacting work that needs the highest level of attention to detail.

30% is direct work with prospective and existing clients as we bring them onboard, answer their questions and ensure that all of their paperwork is done perfectly for regulatory compliance.

20% is about pure innovation and creativity: integrating APIs and building google and excel sheets that both the day-to-day business and the trading algorithmic side of the business. You will need to bring Excel/Google Sheets excellence and API/Computer Science skills would be a major plus. Go here to see what API work we are talking about: Our goals are to 1) bring in data from this and other exchanges that we can study to build trading models and 2) potentially look beyond just the data, and to actually build trading integration for models we build.

We can establish office or you can work from home. Our staff is divided between Westfield, NJ and Palo Alto, CA. This can turn into a full-time opportunity.


This is a quote from the Managing Director and Global Head of Trading and Risk. The point is that we believe in and embrace respect and diversity and do not just include a legal disclaimer:

"Our team members are dedicated to serving our clients within both the letter and spirit of the rules and principles we adhere to. We work to transcend traditional ideas and build our business on candor, diligence, teamwork, and resolve. Our people reflect diverse personal and professional backgrounds and perspectives. They deliver comprehensive knowledge across cryptocurrencies, risk management, capital markets, and technological security."

Duties and Responsibilities

80% of the details below involve exacting and less creative work but they are the foundation of building a startup where our goal is to aim for efficient and error free execution. 20% of the work encourages creativity based on the skills you bring with you.

The 80%

  • Perform trade confirmation, transmission, and settlement, cash and position reconciliation
  • Track positions and reconcile with counterparty statements on a daily and monthly basis
  • Work closely with the trading desk to process, review, and confirm orders
  • Prepare wire instructions for funds transfers as necessary; liaise with bank operations at various counterparties and reconcile all cash and transaction receipts
  • Identify, investigate and resolve trade, cash, and position issues
  • Communicate with and monitor our external vendors (brokers, prime brokers, custodians, accountants, etc.) and internal partners
  • Network with senior personnel internally and externally to resolve issues, gain needed information, and influence outcomes for team
  • Work as an integral member on small team to learn roles dealing directly with clients through our sales and client relations desks

The 20%

  • As you acquire skills, work directly with clients and trading desk
  • Help us build Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheets for all levels of the business, from the back/middle office, to the client relationship management, to the development of trading analysis and integration.
  • If you bring computer science knowledge and the ability to work with APIs, then integrating them and building our trading expertise becomes an exciting addition to your responsibilities.

Experience & Skills

  • Strong accuracy and attention to detail
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office required with strong Excel skills
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Ability to work independently and with others
  • Excellent interpersonal, analytical and judgment skills
  • We encourage undergraduate, Masters (MBA, Computer Science, Statistics, etc...) and PhD students seeking summer opportunities to apply
  • We value academic achievement in terms of school and standardized test scores
  • We value all academic pursuits across liberal arts even as our requirements will give an advantage to computer science and math majors


An attractive compensation package will be offered to an exceptional candidate. We are a great place to work with very ambitious and equally importantly, very team oriented and collegial individuals. We thank everyone for their interest but only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Company Description
Element is a full-service advisory firm for the digital token capital markets that delivers advisory, asset management, capital markets, and technology services in an integrative manner.

For our clients:
We advise clients on token economics
We help with complex project management
We deliver marketing insight
We bring thought leadership on structuring and process
We invest in big ideas
We help trade digital assets

People first: We know people that know people. We work to be your trusted advisor
Primary research: We do in-house research, analysis, and investment DD
Broad reach: We have partners in key markets: Mainland China, Europe, and Russia
Experienced team: We've done some of the leading deals in the space
Strong technical partners: We work with leaders in the smart contract development space and deliver custom solutions
In the market: We have the pulse of what buyers want

We are career long investment bankers that have seen technology and emerging markets cycles come and go. We believe in the decentralization ethos and see tokenized markets as a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity.

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