Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder: 3 Tech Startups- 3D & Drones

Company: Precision Freedom Inc
Location: Santa Monica , California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 16.MAY.2018


Job Description Recruiting for experienced Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Cofounder for a portfolio of three startup technology companies ...


Job Description

Recruiting for experienced Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Cofounder for a portfolio of three startup technology companies under the same founder and CEO.


COO & Cofounder provides leadership, management, and vision to ensure that these companies have the proper employees, systems, organization, and day-to-day operations to achieve business objectives, rapid growth, and financial strength. Three technology businesses share strategies and software development similarities allowing them to be integrated in a portfolio by the founder and CEO. The businesses are progressing through fundraising. As they progress to the fundraising target the COO initially will provide support and guidance within available time without disrupting current employment. Once fundraising target achieved COO shifts to active role and responsibilities. The three businesses range from disrupting the education industry, implementing proprietary three-dimensional user interfaces and data representations, and business-to-business service utilizing proprietary autonomous drones.

Listed below is the structure and timing of the COO role, a summary of each of the three businesses, and the COO responsibilities & requirements. The COO opportunity is structured to minimize risk and maximize potential reward as follows. Each of the three businesses are progressing through fundraising now, two through blockchain ICO's and the third through conventional Angel round. Initially the COO would advise in the time he or she has without impacting current employment, then upon the businesses hitting target fundraising the COO will be compensated with a significant portion of the funds raised and brought on actively for the rapid growth stage.

Located in Santa Monica, California. Working remotely for the first three months after funding is possible then must relocate to the home office. Company relocation package offered.

Business Overview

The three businesses share related core software development requirements and execution strategies creating efficiency opportunities integrating them into a portfolio, yet they are unique businesses.

Business #1:

  • This business will disrupt an $80 billion/year market within the education industry the same way rideshare disrupted the taxi industry. We are lowering barriers to entry and creating a platform enabling all diligent individuals to earn active or passive income. Machine learning algorithms are used to improve performance with potential longer-term major advancements to unsupervised learning artificial intelligence development.
  • One of our proprietary novel approaches focuses around three-dimensional representations of data and dynamic interfaces. Our software engineering team has skillsets focused in this 3D development area.
  • This business is progressing through blockchain ICO and conventional fundraising.

Business #2:

  • A proprietary project management system with various new to market features and capabilities. A startup business incubator ecosystem with new features and a fresh approach to venture capital investment.
  • This business is progressing through blockchain ICO and conventional fundraising.

Business #3:

  • Developing proprietary autonomous drone computer vision and navigation technology. Stage 1 will be a business-to-business service disrupting a $100 billion industry which autonomous drones have not significantly penetrated. A clear and simple value proposition directly saving customers money. Stage 2+ will introduce an entirely new market and asset to businesses with significant value proposition.
  • This business is progressing through Angel round fundraising.

Responsibilities and Skills

Relevant Technical Experience:

· Software engineering degree promoting efficient oversight of software engineers.

· Founder/cofounder of new technology company.

· 3D (three-dimensional) user interface development, representation of data, & rendering algorithms.

· UX/UI design for web and mobile apps.

· Computer vision and autonomous drone navigation.

· 3D mapping and LIDAR.

· Stereo computer vision.

Required Management Experience:

· Previous experience in executive management.

· Strong leadership qualities.

· Strong integrity and accountability.

· Business development.

· P&L responsibility.

· Leading through funding, launch, & rapid growth phases.

· Strategic planning & go-to-market.

· Financial modeling & management.

· Agile operations.

· Investor/Board relations.

· Mergers & acquisitions.

Primary Responsibilities prior to funding in place:

· Support CEO and CTO in:

o Fundraising.

o Employee and contractor staffing plan

o Recruitment.

o Financial modeling.

o Strategic planning.

Responsibilities after business hits fundraising target:

· Systems.

· Organization.

· Operations.

· Oversee and drive the team to achieve mutually agreed goals.

· P&L.

· Go to market strategy.

· Investor/Board relations.

· Oversee the human resource functions including:

o Recruitment, hiring, on boarding, and retention.

o Professional training and development.

o Performance evaluation.

· Perform other job related duties as required.

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