Business Development / Product Partnerships, Lead for New Product

Company: Safeguard Scientifics, Inc.
Location: San Francisco , California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 05.JAN.2019


Description We need someone entrepreneurial, creative, and quantitative who can design a new business from scratch.Do you have what it take...



We need someone entrepreneurial, creative, and quantitative who can design a new business from scratch.Do you have what it takes?

* 3-12 years of relevant experience (re-)designing businesses and partnerships
* Relevant environments:
* Fintech - especially real estate finance, mortgage, or insurance
* Predictive analytics and machine learning
* Series A and Series B start-up environments
* Management consulting

* What do we mean by "Business Development?"
* Value-maximizing, creative design and validation of matches between novel solutions and the needs of valuable audiences.
* You might have built this experience in Business Development, Product Partnerships, Management Consulting, Business Strategy or other functional areas.

* Strengths aligned with our needs
* Analytical skills
* E.g. Can you optimize a partnership structure by implementing a complex, multi-scenario financial model in Excel? Have you worked with a data science team to optimize a predictive model to trade off competing kinds of business value?

* Business Creativity skills
* E.g. Can you design programs and pilots that quickly generate value for our target partners? Are you practiced in imagining new products that satisfy the needs of a new audience, while minimizing development risk and investment?

* Collaboration skills
* E.g. Can you get a group to make a controversial decision in fewer than 30 minutes? Can you clearly and elegantly structure and articulate your message in writing and in slides? Can you get external parties to "Yes?"

* Product skills
* E.g. Do you have enough experience with software development to know which features will be hard and which will be easy?

Are you fired up for the job?

* Conduct primary and secondary research to master an understanding of residential real estate transactions and their participants
* Invent business and product strategies that leverage our differentiated capabilities in service of our target market
* Validate market acceptance through primary research, partnership cultivation, and iteration on product formulation
* Design go-to-market plan including value proposition, distribution strategy, and commercial specifics (e.g. price, structure)
* Support commercialization activities and amplify the voice of the customer
* Relentlessly optimize a dynamic, agile roadmap in light of (more stable) corporate objectives
* Author specifications that artfully balance short-term value capture and long-term product strategy
* Quantitatively analyze product performance and opportunities

Do you share some core values?

* Collaboration with - and inclusion of - a diverse team of both technical and non-technical colleagues and stakeholders
* Organized, logical thinking expressed in pragmatic, usable artifacts
* Doing whatever it takes to rarely be a blocker
* Making decisions informed, but not dictated, by primary research and data

We believe real estate should be simpler, safer, and cheaper to buy, sell, and own.Our first step toward making this a reality is to reinvent title insurance.Here is why.

We are unlocking an enormous business opportunity.

American homeowners spent $14.3 billion on title insurance in 2016. Less than 5% of that money went back into their pockets in the form of payments on claims. Instead, nearly all of it funded a slow, inefficient, and manual research process most comparable to a librarian searching a card catalog.

We don't see card catalogs at libraries anymore, and we believe we've found a way to offer homeowners, brokers, and mortgage bankers better service at lower prices, without requiring mass-scale adoption of nascent technologies like blockchain.

We are making a genuine, real-world impact on the lives of millions of Americans.

Homeownership is broken, and we are doing our part to fix it. When most Americans sell the most valuable asset they will own in their lives - their home - they often lose a full 10% of its value to the fees and frictions that exist in today's real estate market. Additionally, the lengthy, bewildering, and unpredictable process incurs an emotional and stressful toll on first-time and experienced homeowners alike.

By simplifying and expediting services like title insurance, we can make the dream of homeownership more attainable and less risky, and we can help current and future homeowners save time and money that they can better invest into more meaningful parts of their lives.

This is a hard and interesting problem to solve.

Our approach requires contemporary machine learning, completely original risk management methodologies, flexible and adaptable data ontologies, dozens of technical integrations, and the artistic ability to simplify all that complexity to win enthusiastic adoption by a set of stakeholders otherwise unaccustomed to large, dramatic changes.

Our innovative solution has still more to prove, but once we gain traction it will take a lot to catch up to us.

In the meantime, we don't expect you will ever have a boring day!

We want to help you do the best work of your life.

We believe the most valuable investment we can make - and the greatest boost we can give your career - is an exceptional team of colleagues who are passionate about what we are doing.

We currently offer the following benefits and will continually evolve them with the goal of efficiently attracting, retaining, and leveraging the very highest quality talent.

* Our passionate, capable team will always be our #1 benefit
* We are proud of the team we have built so far, and we are excited about the team we have yet to add
* Learn something new every day
* Get more done than you would anywhere else
* 75th percentile salaries and stock option grants
* Top-of-the-line computer equipment
* Health, dental, and vision benefits for you and your family
* See exactly how generous our plans are for yourself!
* Flexible work hours
* Unlimited vacation policy
* A modern, dynamic 401(k) plan (thanks to Captain401)
* Wellness benefits (Health FSA)
* Commuter benefits (Transit FSA)

We believe in Equal Opportunity.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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