Business Advisory Services Industry Associate

Company: Citigroup Inc.
Location: New York, New York, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 31.JUL.2021
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Business Advisory Services (BAS) is a strategic consulting and thought leadership team within the Investor Sales & Relationship Management f...


Business Advisory Services (BAS) is a strategic consulting and thought leadership team within the Investor Sales & Relationship Management function within Citi Markets. The team provides strategic advice based on proprietary thought leadership to the C-Suite and executive management teams of Markets' investor clients across a broad range of topics specific to the global investment management industry. Clients include the world's leading Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Firms, Wealth Management Firms, Pension Funds, Endowments & Foundations, and Sovereign Wealth Funds.

The team produces regular primary Thought Leadership reports that explore different topics across the investment management landscape and are used to highlight and discuss key trends impacting the overall industry. Based on these views, the individual will also provide Advisory and Consulting Services to select clients. The team interacts across other Citi business lines including Citi Ventures, the Citi Global Wealth, and Securities Services, and provides some internal consulting on strategic initiatives as they relate to the evolving requirements of investor clients of these divisions.

The candidate will be a key resource in helping produce this primary thought leadership and would be charged with building their own knowledge on certain themes so that over time they can become the team's subject matter expert for those topics. They will also support advisory and consulting engagements. The candidate will also be expected to deliver analytic expertise, supporting creation, evaluation, and interpretation of the quantitative and qualitative data sets that underpin Business Advisory Services' analysis.

Key Responsibilities

* Participate in the creation of primary Thought-Leadership on the investment management industry via interviews, brainstorm sessions, story-boarding, data analysis, and writing.

* Facilitate the production of thought leadership pieces by helping to schedule, conduct and document interviews, extract key quotes, identify themes, model data in Excel, build slide decks in PowerPoint and work with the outside production agency to coordinate the layout and design of our papers.

* Support the planning and execution of Business Advisory Services content launch events, working with the Marketing team to produce invitations, agendas, track respondents, identify required materials, coordinate with target speakers and ensure the logistics of events. Conduct analysis on the data exhaust from such events to inform the team's content creation cycle and client engagement strategy.

* Join in client sessions with more senior team members as they deliver content and engage with the C-Suite and Executive management teams of our Platinum Investor clients. These sessions will help model for the individual how to frame the findings of the papers, discuss the implications of that work, and act as a strategic advisor to the client's teams. The goal would be for the individual to gradually learn these skills and to become comfortable presenting to this level of executive over time.

* Start to "major" in one or more themes discussed by Business Advisory Services and become the team's subject matter expert in this topic. Track emerging news and developments; document these insights in our quarterly TrendWatch newsletter and aspire to author articles over time as the individual's comfort level with the topic advances.

* As part of Fintech & Crypto Innovation coverage, track FinTech Innovation developments including adoption of alternative data and AI-based analytics, blockchain, digital assets, and digital currencies, and new digital investment models. Tracking would involve capturing investors' initiatives in this regard, engaging with emerging FinTech and crypto companies in the startup ecosystem on a regular basis, and interfacing with relevant Citi innovation partners (Ventures, Markets Strategic Investments, Blockchain and Digital Assets group). These insights will form the basis of FinTech & Crypto Innovation content pieces, strategic advisory work, and other projects.

* Support the planning and execution of bespoke consulting engagements geared to help specific clients assess and evolve their own offerings to reflect emerging industry trends.

Key Skills:

* Strong Writing and Presentation Skills: Client communication is at the core of the Business Advisory Services offering, and the individual should be a proactive, detail-oriented communicator both with clients, and internally within the team and other Citi colleagues. With guidance from team leadership, the individual will be expected to contribute to creating written content, as well as demonstrate an ability, with guidance, to transform written content into compelling visualized slide decks. The individual should also feel comfortable presenting Business Advisory' Services work to various audiences.

* Strong Data and Analytic Skills: The team runs a global data hub that includes AUM and performance data on all mutual fund, UCITS, ETFs, hedge funds and other investment products. In addition, the team monitors market structure, demographic trends, asset owner trends, advisory trends, economic trends and other macro data that describes the industry landscape. The individual should be confident in their ability to work under the guidance of the team COO/Head of Data and Analytics to use data to address client and internal stakeholders' strategic questions. They should interested in becoming proficient at navigating raw data sets and transforming them into client-ready charts and visualizations.

* Passion to Learn: The team examines many new and emerging topics that draw upon knowledge of portfolio construction and investment products, technology innovations, demographic trends and regulatory changes among other topics. The individual must be an enthusiastic and fast learner, curious about the full breadth of these topics and able to proactively conduct their own analysis and research agenda to advance the team's thinking.

* Conceptual Thinker: The team is privileged to hear how an entire array of industry leaders think about their business, their competitive environment, their clients and the world. The individual should be able to listen to this input and identify how these views might indicate that the world is changing and apply such insight to envisioning how the future might unfold.

* Collaborative Teammate: This individual should be a self-starter who is able to take ownership and accountability for their work through a service-oriented and team-oriented approach. The ability to drive results with a high degree of intra-team collaboration and communication is essential at all levels and from all team members. The team highly values diversity of thought, experience, and is committed to an inclusive work environment.


* 2-5 Years industry experience in sales, trading or research within a Markets organization or buy-side firm or financial services division of a consulting firm

* Licensing: FINRA 7, 63

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