Build and Repository Manager with Cmake and Monorepo || REMOTE

Company: TekShapers
Location: Blacksburg , Virginia, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 27.JUN.2020


Job DescriptionTechnical Skills We are seeking a Build and Repository Manager to lead the transformation of our developerrsquos environments...


Job DescriptionTechnical Skills We are seeking a Build and Repository Manager to lead the transformation of our developerrsquos environments and experience. This individual will work with multiple engineering teams building Block.onersquos EOSIO blockchain software and products that use the EOSIO blockchain at their core. This individual will help design, develop, and transition to a new source code management and build process that improves our software developerrsquos experience across all of our interrelated products. They will support the developerrsquos environments and troubleshoot any issues with the developer's ability to set up new environments or switch between them. Interaction across teams requires strong fundamentals in communication and organization in addition to the technical and developmental skills required to operate in a multi programming language environment. Responsibilities middot Responsible for the overall planning, execution, adoption, and success of complex technical projects related to our source code control and software build system and infrastructure. middot Design and maintain the build and repository systems that are used to deliver our software. middot Responsible for cross-platform software builds for OSX and multiple Linux distributions. middot Deep dive into software developerrsquos build or environment issues to find efficient solutions. middot Provide strong technical leadership, focus on continuous improvement. middot Conduct code reviews, and technical contributions to the build and CI system. middot Maintain a high bar for technical quality and developer experience. middot Attention to detail and a passion for correctness. Qualifications middot BS degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent experience. middot Expert level with cmake middot Experience with cross-platform software builds for both OSX and Linux. middot Experience with package systems for multiple Linux distributions. middot Expert level experience with git, GitHub, and GitHub Enterprise. middot Strong background with C++, its dependencies to libraries and header files and Cmake. middot 5+ years experience in build system management and repository management. middot Extensive experience working with large monorepos. Additional middot Cmake ,Linux, C++, Git, Monorepo (Mono repositories) middot Preferred GitHub middot Other programming languages JavaScript, Typescript, Java, Swift, Kotlin

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