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Company: Boardsi
Location: Durham, North Carolina, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 12.AUG.2021


This is a remote compensated board of directors and advisory position. The company is looking for multiple executives. Boardsi has been ret...


This is a remote compensated board of directors and advisory position. The company is looking for multiple executives.

Boardsi has been retained to conduct a board of directors and board of advisors search for a software product development company. We are looking for executives with backgrounds across all industries for a fresh set of eyes. If you are, but not limited to an Executive, VP, Director, CEO, CFO, or CMO we would like to speak with you. If you have a background in Finance, FinTech, Tech, Banking, HedgeFund, Blockchain, Data, Digital Finance, Financial Services, Analytics, AI, or Operations we want to speak with you.

ABOUT: The company has been delivering results since we opened in 2015. Our goal is to provide both superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers. With over 75 years of collective experience in Software Product Development and is passionate about exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our passion is developing path-breaking software products. We love challenges. We are a small team that always ensures the job is done right. The company is a team of innovation-driven software design and development specialists, focused on helping you envision and execute industry-leading applications. From idea to conceptualization and reality conversion, the company helps build empowered technology ecosystems spanning across Big Data, Data Services, and Data Analytics.

VISION: We seek to be the most reliable data analytics solutions partner across the technology landscape, globally.

MISSION: Our aim is to provide scalable solutions that transform businesses. We also strive to maintain the highest standard of excellence in quality through innovation, teamwork, and transparency.

Experience: The company has a team of over fifty professionals with an average experience of 3-8 years. The team's collective experience exceeds 100 years, making the company an authority with unmatched expertise in data management and product development services.

The company actively encourages innovation and creativity. Our teams have complete freedom to challenge existing norms and come up with ingenious new ways of leveraging technology to create the best possible solutions for our clients' businesses.

We encourage our employees to keep challenging themselves, to keep learning. We help them improve their skill sets through initiatives that target growth in different spheres.


We are seeking 5 Board Members, looking for five executives, 2 executives that are experts in analytics AI, and in the US market. The function is to help the company grow and gain new clients. One executive that specializes in analytics software development and the South American region, your goal is to help the company grow and add clients, the other two executives that needed are going to be governance-related with experience on software development boards dealing with analytics and AI blockchain would be good.

Job Requirements:
This will be a remote position that includes quarterly meetings, plus a minimum of one hour per month for calls/emails to help with various projects. Looking for a strong background and overall experience in growing and adding expertise to a company.

If this position isn't a perfect match there are other opportunities within our network that could utilize your skill sets.

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