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Company: Boardsi
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 11.AUG.2021
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This is a remote compensated board of directors and advisory position. The company is looking for multiple executives. Boardsi has been ret...


This is a remote compensated board of directors and advisory position. The company is looking for multiple executives.

Boardsi has been retained to conduct a board of directors and board of advisors search for a contract intelligence company. We are looking for executives with backgrounds across all industries for a fresh set of eyes. If you are, but not limited to an Executive, VP, Director, CEO, CFO, or CMO we would like to speak with you. If you have a background in Finance, FinTech, Tech, Banking, HedgeFund, Blockchain, Data, Digital Finance, Financial Services, SaaS, or Operations we want to speak with you.

The company's platform makes analyzing, managing, and negotiating your portfolio of contracts more effective. Our product provides intelligence about the state of your contracts-identifying what's "market" and "off-market," examining key terms, and flagging risks.

Our verticals include bank loans & corporate bonds, investment partnerships, government contracts, real estate, and LIBOR compliance. All data is auditable to the source-- ensuring top level data integrity.

The company was founded in 2012 to take the frustration and tedium out of due diligence. Unlike resources that provide opinionated research, the company distills the factual, underlying data and risks embedded in contracts in order to provide usable primary data and negotiate better terms.

MISSION: To be the leading contract intelligence company in the B2B marketplace.

VISION: We expect our sector, contract intelligence, to continue maturing and eventually combine with the contract lifecycle management (CLM) and digital data room/document storage sectors. This will provide corporations with a full suite of functions to store, negotiate, execute and analyze their digital contracts. As a leading contract intelligence provider, the company is poised to integrate with, and be agnostic to, CLM and document storage platforms and capitalize on a fast-growing addressable market.


We continue to evolve our company, systems and process, but remain dedicated to empowering our clients to take advantage of more information in the documents they work with. We fulfill this commitment by living up to our values:
- Intelligence & Innovation
- Client Service
- Excellence


We are open to bringing on a Board of Directors member or Board of Advisors member, depending on the type of candidate and their background.

Expertise in growing a SaaS (software) company through growth mode and exit more than once. That may be an entrepreneur or an investor that has taken several companies through that cycle (not the startup phase, but the growth/exit phase). We are looking for a focus on the sales/marketing/scaling/GTM functions, not the operational/financial functions.

Expectations: To help advise with the growth, go-to-market strategy and the scalability into new markets/verticals; eventually, they could also assist with an exit.

Compensation: We are open to discuss, either Monetary or Equity or combination of the two.

Job Requirements:
This will be a remote position that includes quarterly meetings, plus a minimum of one hour per month for calls/emails to help with various projects. Looking for a strong background and overall experience in growing and adding expertise to a company.

If this position isn't a perfect match there are other opportunities within our network that could utilize your skill sets.

Boardsi offers thousands of compensated board positions within our network. In addition to applying to this position, applicants can also join our network for a monthly fee, which provides access to all available board positions.


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