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Company: Boardsi
Location: Detroit, Michigan, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 01.JUN.2021


This is a Remote compensated Board of Directors and Advisory position. Looking for multiple executives. Boardsi has been retained to conduc...


This is a Remote compensated Board of Directors and Advisory position. Looking for multiple executives.

Boardsi has been retained to conduct a Board of Directors and Advisory Board search for an award-winning quantitative analytics software company. Looking for backgrounds from most industries for a fresh set of eyes. If you are but not limited to an Executive, VP, Director, CEO, CFO, CMO we would like to speak with you. Backgrounds in Finance, FinTech, Tech, Banking, HedgeFund, Blockchain, Data, Digital Finance, Financial Services, Operations we want to speak with you.

The company is a financial consulting company that helps early-stage entrepreneurs start and scale with low-interest capital. We have 3 consulting programs, a credit repair company and a real estate investment company. We currently advertise the consulting programs as they feed the repair and real estate business.

Currently, we have 35 employees (most are contractors) across the globe. I am in the middle of buying an office here in Miami and bringing the team in-house. We have been open for 2 years now and do $5m in revenue with 20%-30% EBITDA.

We want to improve our marketing and sales strategy and possibly tweak our products/services to transform into a technology business that generates the majority of its income from recurring revenue.

Seeking Board Advisors:

Seeking 1-3 advisors. Senior-level Executives with decades of experience as an executive.

Industry: Finance, marketing and tech companies in that order.

Our Company Funding: We don't raise money. We use debt financing through traditional banks if necessary.

Board Advisor Compensation: Monetary

Expectations: I expect them to have great experience and be able to give strategic advice on the problems we are facing or on the products/services we are offering.

Seeking these skills: Finance, marketing, or technology. Fintech would be preferable but we also want assistance with sales and marketing.

Job Requirements:
This will be a remote position. This will include quarterly meetings, plus a minimum of 1 hour per month for call/emails to help us with various projects. Looking for a strong background and overall experience in growing and adding expertise to a company. If you are but not limited to a VP, Director, CEO CFO CMO... We'd like to speak with you.

**If this position isn't a perfect match there are other opportunities within our network that could utilize your skill sets.**

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