Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Developer

Company: TxMQ, Inc.
Location: Buffalo, New York, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 19.NOV.2020


Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Developer Since 1979, TxMQ has been building, integrating, managing, supporting and securing critical busines...


Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Developer

Since 1979, TxMQ has been building, integrating, managing, supporting and securing critical business systems and data for large and mid-market enterprise customers. TxMQ's Disruptive Technologies Group (DTG) was established in 2017 to provide consulting services and development capabilities to our customers in emerging technologies. DTG currently has a heavy focus on implementing solutions that leverage blockchain or distributed ledger technology. DTG is an engaging, fast-paced environment where technological change is expected and embraced. Our developers have a unique opportunity to work with cutting-edge emerging technologies, each with the potential to explode into the next big thing.

DLT Developers work in small teams with client- and server-side developers to build out solutions for our customers. Our development teams are led by a Technical Lead, who has primary responsibility for the delivery of their individual projects. Occasionally, a DLT Developer will act as the sole resource implementing smaller proof-of-concept type applications. DTG's customers range from the startup to the Fortune 500, and our DLT developers are expected to have a solid understanding of enterprise computing concepts and technologies.

TxMQ is platform agnostic. We have worked with or are currently working on applications using Hashgraph, Hyperledger Fabric, Hedera, and Ethereum. Out DLT developers are expected to become knowledgeable about a variety of platforms, and must be comfortable picking up new languages and environments. An ideal candidate is not only someone who has expertise with smart contracts, but understands procedural and object-oriented programming fundamentals, software architecture, and application delivery. All of our developers are expected to be good communicators, to manage their time effectively, and to have a passion for what they do.

DLT is the primary focus of the Disruptive Technologies Group. DLT developers with good consulting skills and broad backgrounds in "traditional" application development and enterprise architecture have the opportunity to play a leading role in a cutting-edge space.

Responsibilities • Serve as DLT subject matter expert
• Work with customers resources and DTG technical leads to gather business and technical requirements, and facilitate application testing and deployment.
• Design, architect and implement distributed solutions, or the distributed ledger components of larger applications.
• Develop and test smart contracts or other "on-chain" business logic.
• Assist other developers when integrating DLT components with user interface and middle-tier components.
• Write in-code and external documentation. Documentation could take the form of in-code comments, diagrams, and written documentation. DLT developers will be expected to document any maintenance operations or other regular tasks customers will be required to perform after solutions have been delivered.
• Collaborate with your team to ensure that work products integrate well with the rest of the application's architecture
• Take task assignments and technical direction from your technical lead. Proactively communicate with your tech lead to raise issues as they arise.
• Research and experiment with DLT technologies. DLT developers will be expected to quickly learn to implement solutions on new or unfamiliar DLT platforms.


Job Requirements:
Qualifications • Be familiar with blockchain and DLT concepts: distributed ledger architectures, blockchains, graph-based DLT, use cases for public ledgers vs. private ledgers, smart contracts, wallets, tokenization and cryptocurrencies.
• Have a working knowledge of common cryptographic techniques employed in distributed ledger applications and platforms.
• Have a working knowledge of cryptography, encryption and hashing algorithms, X.509 certificates and related techniques and technologies.
• 3+ years previous experience working in an enterprise development or consulting capability.
• Demonstrate development experience on one or more blockchain or distributed ledger platforms. Of particular interest are:
• Ethereum: Solidity, Vyper, Truffle
• Hyperledger Fabric: Javascript, Go, Composer, IBP
• Hedera: Solidity, Hedera SDKs (Java preferred)
• Swirlds: Java, multithreading and concurrency, REST, Hashgraph SDK
• Other platforms: Corda, Quorum, Tendermint, other Hyperledger variants
• Demonstrates strong knowledge of programming fundamentals
• Demonstrates working knowledge of non-DLT software development languages and tools.
• Previous consulting experience is a strong plus, especially in an enterprise capacity.

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