Blockchain Developer

Company: DoinGud
Location: New York, New York, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 04.MAY.2021


About CareDAOCareDAO is united by the vision of an interconnected community of humans doing good. From that simple desire to enable connecti...


About CareDAOCareDAO is united by the vision of an interconnected community of humans doing good. From that simple desire to enable connections for the greater good, we are now a collective of more than 1800 who have joined our community. We encompass a rapidly expanding melting pot of skillsets from creators, developers, designers, and product managers to marketing and business professionals from over 80 countries around the world. At CareDAO, we believe in providing a safe, positive, and inclusive environment for co-creation. Today the community collaborates on our help board, FightPandemics, and new product, the marketplace, DoinGud, that will create the space for artists to engage with their communities and sell their work while contributing to the work of social impact organizations.About DoinGudDoinGud is a decentralized, web3 platform on the blockchain and an NFT marketplace fully focused on doing good by bringing together creators, collectors, curators, and social impact organizations to support the giving economy. We are creating a space for artists to engage with their communities and sell their work while contributing to the work of social impact organizations. For every purchase on the marketplace, a minimum of 5% is streamed to social impact organizations and social causes of the creator's choice. Nearly friction-free.Paid Role Position in DoinGudThis is a paid position with flexible hours that can accommodate your schedule. Required team meetings and project working sessions will be essential per the position.As a Blockchain Developer at DoinGud you will: Knowledge of Solidity, Hyperledger or the Interledger Protocol. Craft code that meets our internal standards for style, maintainability, and best practices. Collaborate with other engineers, product managers and other stakeholders (e.g. UX) to maintain a high bar for quality in a fast-paced, iterative environment. Take ownership of the complete lifecycle of product features from planning to implementation to testing to production. Developing smart contracts. Developing interactive front-end designs for Dapps. Supervision of the entire stack that runs the Dapps. Backend development pertaining to the blockchain. Being involved in the research, design, development, and testing of blockchain technologies. Brainstorm and evaluate applications for new tools and technologies. Document new solutions and maintain existing ones. Maintain and extend client-side and server-side applications that are responsible for business logic and integration. Requirements You are passionate about blockchain technology, our product and you want to contribute and not wait on the sidelines. 2-3 years Experience in Javascript TypeScript, NodeJS, GraphQL, MongoDB / SQL, Redis, Grpc / Websockets (APIs), ProtoBuffers, DID / Signed Messages, Ipfs / Ceramic / IDX, Payments / Payout services, Content Management Systems and Data Assets Managers, Jest, CI / CD, Eslint / Prettier, Docker Experience in Subgraph and NFT subgraph standard, CrossChain integrations, Web3 storage and graphs, Crypto Payments & wallets, DAO and sub DAOs Provable ability to ship high quality, well-crafted code running on Ethereum, Hyperledger, or any other blockchain You have a deep understanding of blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralized protocols. Knowledgeable about blockchain fundamentals (consensus, nodes, forks, transactions, web3, DAOs). Most importantly, you want to be part of something great that positively impacts society especially in times of crisis. Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms. Proficiency in programming languages such as C++, Java, JavaScript, etc. Familiarity with the working of peer-to-peer networks. Familiarity with basic cryptography. You are positive and have a solution-oriented mindset. You have attention to detail. You are a problem solver with strong communication skills. You enjoy writing robust code that follows best practices. Super-Nice-to-haves Bash scripting experience Openness to learning new technologies. Experience working with a remote team. Open source experience. Developer platform/tool industry experience Strong background in software development(3-4year). Experience working with open-source projects. Experience working with large codebases. Qualifications: Engineering or computer science background. Experience in technical product management is a plus. You have been working in the DAO & DLT space. Experience with Distributed Ledger Technologies such as Ethereum. Good understanding of distributed apps and smart contracts. You understand and believe in the value of decentralization / trustless systems BenefitsWhy Join Us? Expand your network. You get to work as a part of a innovative, global and diverse team. Be part of a movement. We strive for bold changes and envision to make a big impact. Bring your passion, energy and creativity to participate. Learn and grow. You get to continuously learn and develop your skills. You might join us as an Engineer but are able to contribute to any team's work if you'd like. Have passion for writing job postings? Welcome to work with our Operations team! Be free. You have the freedom to set the hours you are able to contribute every week. Do good. It is a scientific fact that contributing for a good cause improves your well being.

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