Blockchain Architect Engineer

Company: World Open Network
Location: Menlo Park , California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 04.AUG.2018


Please provide your personal blog and Github address in your notice of interest. We are an exciting start-up company founded by proven lead...


Please provide your personal blog and Github address in your notice of interest.

We are an exciting start-up company founded by proven leaders with repeated success in the technology space. Our newest company is developing a cryptocurrency platform based on an open-source third generation blockchain that we're creating. Our goal is to set a new standard in security and protection for our end users and community.

We're looking for a Blockchain Architect Engineering who will be responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting a blockchain-based network that combines software and systems engineering to build and run large-scale, scalable, massively distributed, fault-tolerant systems for the Crypto market place. Reporting directly to the VP of Engineer the Blockchain Architect Engineer makes sure that WON's services, both internal and externally- visible systems have reliability, rock solid uptime to meet our users' needs and quick improvement while being responsible for capacity, performance and scalability.

Job Responsibilities:
- Responsible for designing the blockchain product solution architecture and participating in the forward-looking technology pre-research of blockchain technology.
- Blockchain product validation and assessment.
- Select technology module, give development specifications, and build the core framework for system implementation.
- Clarify technical details and clear major difficulties.

Job Requirements:
- Bachelor degree or above, major in computer or software related. More than 5 years product structure or R&D work experience.
- Have a deep understanding of blockchain products and proficient in at least one open source project such as EOS, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.
- Familiar with and master the underlying technology of blockchain: P2P network, encryption technology, consensus algorithm, etc.
- Familiar with cloud computing and related products, have a high sensitivity to the industry, have deep understanding and research on competing products.
- Proficient in various data structures and algorithms, researched in cryptography, security protocols, and encryption algorithms before.
- Having experience in the practical implementation of cryptocurrency or blockchain technology is preferred.
- Familiar with Ethereum, OpenChain, Bitcoin and other related open source projects. Having prior research and contribution experience is preferred.
- Have large-scale distributed system architecture and development experience.
- People who participate in various blockchain development communities and contribute to the source code is preferred.


- Familiar with P2P.
- Relevant distributed system architecture and P2P network system development experience is preferred.
- Familiar with the underlying technical principles of one of the blockchain projects such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and EOS. Relevant project development experience is preferred.
- Experience in large-scale distributed system performance optimization is preferred.
- Have a deep understanding of the operation of the blockchain.
- Interested in technical research with enthusiasm, all kinds of geeks and potential geeks are welcomed.

Please provide your personal blog and Github address in your notice of interest.

- Competitive Salary
- Awesome bonus
- 20 days annual leave
- 8 days personal leave
- 100% medical, dental and vision insurance
- Life insurance
- 401(k) and FSA
- Free shuttles between Caltrain Menlo Park and office
- Gym on site, accessible 24/7
- Located on corner of Marsh Road and 101, by the Dumbarton Bridge exit.
- Loads more!

- provided by Dice Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, noSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, REST APIs, Websockets, AngularJS, Blockchain

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