Backend Engineer

Company: DoinGud
Location: New York, New York, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 13.AUG.2021
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About DoinGudDoinGud is the new NFT platform where every transaction does good.DoinGud is a next-gen creator ecosystem exploring the future ...


About DoinGudDoinGud is the new NFT platform where every transaction does good.DoinGud is a next-gen creator ecosystem exploring the future of digital media & collectibles. It strives to be community-owned and curated, empowering creators, curators, brands & organizations to engage directly with their audiences, tap into and create new and sustainable compensation streams, generate value for their audiences and create meaningful social impact.About you and usYou may find us a bit...different from other start-ups. DoinGud is, at its core, community-owned, collaborative, positive, and full of real do-ers and hands-on builders. We are in execution mode and are excited and committed to provide the most compelling user experiences for each and all of our users, customer, clients and friends.We want DoinGud to be a living, breathing model of how we want work, and the world, to be: High on autonomy, low on authority High on collaboration, low on hierarchy High on mindset of abundance, low on mindset of winners & losers Fun, kind, ambitious and appreciative Learning all the time, striving for the best Fast-paced, delivery-oriented and reliant on do-ocracy. The NFT space is a wild and ready playground for technical wizards with creative flair. We need your diversity of thought, energy and style to create extraordinary opportunities and experiences. You will change the lives of artists and creators, collectors and curators, social impact organisations and therefore every person that they help.If this sounds intriguing to you, and you have that builders mentality, that fits our current needs match your experience and interest, let's talk.RequirementsResponsibilities: You will work on a couple of backend services including: fiat gateway payments curation of art authentication with DID management and planning of drops indexing and querying interfaces Skills & Knowledge: JavaScript / TypeScript NodeJS GraphQL MongoDB / SQL Redis Grpc / Websockets (APIs) ProtoBuffers DID / Signed Messages Ipfs / Ceramic / IDX Payments / Payout services Content Management Systems and Data Assets Managers Jest CI / CD Eslint / Prettier Docker Git / Github Flow / conventional-commit / rebase interactive Super-Nice-to-haves Experience working on Blockchain/Web3 projects Experience working with a remote team. Benefits Be part of a movement. We strive for bold changes and envision to make a big impact. Bring your passion, energy and creativity to participate. Global Team. You get to be part of a global team and work from anywhere in the world. Learn and grow. You get to continuously learn and develop your skills. Be free. You have the freedom to set the time you are gonna work. Do good.

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