Company: ASD, Inc.
Location: Not Specified, Not Specified, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 02.SEP.2020


Department of State Program - Applicants must be s to meet moderate level security requirement of facility What you will be doing This posit...


Department of State Program - Applicants must be s to meet moderate level security requirement of facility What you will be doing This position calls for a versatile software engineer with cloud experience, python coding, and problem solving in working with a team of engineers. Work with an engineering team on a modern, cloud-based logistics software system that integrates transaction processing with IoT data, map servers, blockchain, and FinTech APIs. Refactor existing Python API code as necessary for generating Swagger documentation Assemble and develop an API server (Python or Node.js) that can create and convert between Json data and specific PDF form files, integrate with Postgres, and operate in a docker container environment. Work with developers to design and code Python for calling backend service APIs in docker container environment include Kafka services, an authorization policy server, AWS APIs, and data flow pipelines to Fabric gateway API, Postgres, Elasticsearch, and Tableau. Perform configurations and coding in Postgres for API calls and data views for the specific application needs for logistics asset shipping, maintenance, and inspection. Using Kibana integrated with an an existing ELK system, perform configurations for reporting and displaying specific application data streams, assigning alerts, and creating dashboard as directed. Design and code a message generator or transaction generator that emulates the contents and format of the system for testing, loading, and verification. What we look for in you At least 3-5 years of experience in software engineering and are comfortable with Linux, CLI-based environments, Git, and quick at looking up solutions in Stack Overflow Designed, built, scaled, and worked with cloud services in Amazon AWS, and know how to compose a service-based, container architecture. Write high quality, API-based code to meet the needs of your customers. Passionate about building a modern logistics asset tracking system that brings the world together. DESIRED Experience working in a rapid growth company (from startup to mid-size, through ups and downs) and built growth experiments or AB tests. Experience or knowledge in logistics, shipping, or track-and-trace and financial, high reliability or security systems knowledge and experience with Blockchains (such as Bitcoin, Hyperledger etc..) Experience with cyber security in AWS or Azure and are familiar with authentication such as Oauth2.0 and authorization. Experience with other languages and frameworks in addition to Javascript, Python such as Golang, React, Vue.js, Postgres SQL, MongoDB or Redshift db QL. Bachelor's degree or equivalent professional experience

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